May 8 …. 2015
Sometimes it is best to keep a low profile, and let others get on with it. Everything will run its course now, and there is nothing you can do to influence or change events. So relax and be gentle with yourself. It is what it is
Break out the dancing shoes, it is time to celebrate and have some fun. It has been a long hard slog, but finally things feel to be going your way. Be prepared to make snap decisions, and resolve to enjoy every minute of your time in the sun
You may find that you have a juggling act on your hands, time wise. Prioritize and make lists, do what needs to be done and put a few things on the back burner. Be sure to schedule time for self and family. A surprise is very well received
Wow, factor has kicked in big time. Remember to pace yourself, not everything needs to be done right now. If necessary, delegate. It may be necessary to let go of some unfortunate relationship issues now. There is only so much you can do, before letting go

You may be called upon as support person in a big way. However be sure you support, not do the work for them. There are a few fine lines between helping and taking advantage right now, so be aware. An unexpected work issue could lead to better things
Sometimes you simply have to bite the bullet and deal with situations. This is a time for dealing with issues head on, because there are no options. A course of action once began must be completed, no matter what the outcome
You may feel slightly intimidated at present, accept it as a temporary measure and move through it. This is a time of growth and expanding horizons, meeting new people and being open to new ideas. Make sure you take care of business before pleasure
This is a great time to catch up with friends and get a few things done and dusted. A career area may need to be looked at with fresh eyes, and some adjustments made. Unexpected news , may bring very unexpected answers
Biting your tongue may not sit well, but really nothing you say right now will change anything. Everything is falling on deaf ears, so save it for later. Frustration needs to be kept in check, it is too easy to let things erupt at present. Try and stay calm
Time to look at options, and take care of yourself first and foremost. It is time to cut the dead wood, and let others sort their own issues. A challenge needs to be met head on, and done once and for all. Things are beginning to take shape, hang in there
A chance meeting may be more than it appears. Be open to options and new ways of looking at things. A change in routine makes huge differences in day to day living arrangements. Looking back will show the way forward
Even if things are not ideal, something has to be done. It is not possible to continue on the same path right now. A challenge can bring more than is first seen, so look at all angles. You may need to give a little to get a lot

OLIVINE …Facilitates awareness and access to the Earths energy grid


May 1 …. 2015
This is a time to take the bull by the horns, and simply go for it. Certain things have not come to you, now you must go to them. This is a time to stand strong in your convictions and make sure you follow through. Little details may be more important than you think
17 …27 …45… 8… 39… 19 .
Not a time to get caught up in nostalgia of the past, now is time to take action. The past few weeks simply feel to ‘drop away’, allowing you a space to more forward from. A little patience will allow everything to come out into the open
17 …11… 33… 28 …15…45
Even though things may have settled to a dull roar, this is no time to let your guard down. It is imperative that you stay on top of every detail right now. Follow everything through and leave nothing to chance. You are in a good space to make things happen
7 …12 …33… 6… 4… 41
Balance may be a bit hard to find right now, as one path ends and another begins. Take advantage of this time to have a breather. There could be a long stretch of positive forward moves ahead, and you need to be rested and rearing to go
27… 13… 45… 26… 9… 41
Taking control of personal situations is the only way forward. The time of waiting for others is done, take control and get things done. Past issues may intrude more than ever, but it is time to face up to some realities and accept what is. All you can do is stand your ground
7 …17… 43… 21… 15 …1
Massive reality check at this time, just get on with things. There are no places to hide anymore, with everything out in the open, it can and will be dealt with. Take care to follow up every detail and if necessary get things in writing
27 …11… 40….35… 26 …14
The wheel turns, there is no turning back from a course of action. So hang on and enjoy the ride, because you can. New beginnings may be a bit daunting, however forward is the only way right now. Time to pay attention to some personal issues, get things sorted and in perspective
7… 13 …11 …25… 43… 2
Not everyone speaks the truth, and at this time you will need to find your own truth. If you are uneasy with a situation, deal with it head on. This is not a time to sweet, it is time for a reality check. Sometimes you simply have to take control and do the hard stuff
7 …37 …41… 22… 39 ..20
Time to gather all the information needed, before launching an all-out attack. Planning is the best strategy right now, as long as you follow the plan. Short cuts simply will not work, so be prepared to do the hard yards
1… 36… 11 …42 …25… 7
Sometimes things simply have to done, bite the bullet and get on with it. This is a great time to decide where the future direction lies. Take time to check out alternatives, before committing to something you’re not entirely happy with
16 …29… 13… 30… 17… 7

Dealing with some issues may not be pleasant, however it is not a time to put things on hold. Emotions are a tad out of whack, so be gently with yourself … and those around you. A surprising change around the weekend, light the way
7… 11 …13… 6 …16…26
Planning time right now, so be sure to get everything in place, before beginning a new direction. Listening to advice is all good, following it blindly another matter. At this time remember information and education go hand in hand
41… 27… 5… 10 …23… 6

WINDOW QUARTZ CRYSTAL …Enhances the energy of other crystals, they act as amplifiers

window quartz

March 13 …. 2015
Changes happen very quickly now as a dream steps into reality. This is a time to be excited about future plans and ideas. Everything just seems to fall into place right now. Relax and enjoy, remember all the hard work you have put in, success is no accident
27…. 11. ..25….8….9….33
New ideas need to be explored and then acted on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained needs to be the motto. Let go of past issues, they serve no purpose, except to cloud judgments. Emotional issues need to be brought out in the open and dealt with honestly
Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the way forward. This is not a time to repeat past mistakes. So take time to put everything in place so that forward moves are possible. Try not to allow anyone to guilt trip you right now, you are doing a good job of that yourself, let it go
Ahhhhh, how good is life right now?. It feels like a huge load is about to be lifted from your shoulders. Enabling you to make solid choices for future directions. While there are some family issues in the background, there will be a good result around them. Breath easy
41 ..12…39…17….23 …25
Same old issues come up once again to be dealt with. It may be time to recognize patterns, and put a different course of action in place. If something is not working, it needs to be changed as hard and as simple as that. You may not be popular, but change is nesecarry
Things finally begin to come together and make a bit of sense. It is time to put everything you know into action to achieve the desired outcome. Not a time to hold back and let others make decisions. Take control of what you want and go for it
There comes a time when enough is enough, and it is time to put plans for change into action. Nothing is going to move, unless you move it. Unexpected support comes at just the right time to get you through. Things can change very rapidly now , so get ready to roll with the punches
Time to take some down time and have that peace you have been craving. Only you know what is and what is not working for you, so speak up. Finances are about to look up , but try not to have a huge splash out, keep a bit in reserve for a rainy day, or, the next sale
Breath, step back and chill. Nothing you say or do right now is going to have one iota of influence on the status quo. Accept it is what it is , for now. Things will begin to pick up and change within the next month, all you have to do is hang in there
Standing your ground on a personal issue may be hard, but it is absolutely necessary to do so. If you take control now and be very firm about what you do and do not want, there can be no issue in the future. Be sure to take a little bit of down time, remember all work and no play= very blah

Well bless me, things are beginning to look up around you, and this may come as a big surprise. Just enjoy the interlude, and then get on with getting the career area motivated. There are opportunities for change around you, but you have to do the commitment thing
Taking time out to enjoy yourself is a good thing, it also gives you an opportunity to reflect on what needs to change. Having made decisions you can then source what you need to put actions in place. These may not all be popular, too bad to sad. Some things need to change

PLATINUM …Enhances flexibility and endurance


February 27 …. 2015
You may be thinking ‘this is not what I signed up for”. Hang in there it is a passing phase, and there are things to be learned on both sides. Accept things are not always how they seem, and go with the flow
7   27   42   21   14   45
Time to trust in yourself and your own judgment. Asking for opinions is one thing, remember the choices, therefore the outcome are yours alone. This is a time to walk your talk, to get out there and get things moving, because no one is going to do it for you
7   18   45   6   31   10
Grasp an opportunity with both hands, it feels like you have waited long enough. This is an excellent time to set plans in motion, to take advantage of offers. Personal issues need to be looked without the drama
17   43   19   45   27   41
Not a time to take on extra stress, this is down time. A good idea to review the past few months, and see where you can make changes or take a chance. Either way the road ahead is clear. Emotions could be a bit edgy
7   31   17   43   6   12
Health areas are highlighted, yours and family. It might be a good time to have that checkup, start a new health regime. Because you can move mountains now , if you put your mind to it. Try not to let others drag you down
17   18   45   6   19   20
The time has come to work out a routine, and stick to it. Things can only flow, if you work with them and stop procrastinating. Get the routine sorted, and make your best efforts to follow through, you will see results
19   16   43   10   26   5
Not a time for uncertainty, just bite the bullet and go for it. You may need to make a snap judgment call this week. Just take a deep breath and do it. Others may drag their feet, but that doesn’t mean you have to
17   43   21   24   5   7
Just when things seem to have settled down to a dull roar, everything goes on overload. Take on only what you can comfortably deal with, remember asking for help is not a weakness, nor a cop out. It is as simple as you can’t do everything
27   19   14   43   16   20
Someone is simply not listening, because then they might have to take steps to improve the situation. Do not let up, keep chipping away, pointing out the obvious. It may not happen right now, but you will be heard
6   7   19   17   45   23
Take control of what you want to happen in the next three months, it all begins with this next step forward. Make sure you have all the information needed to hand, it is important to be ahead with details. A personal relationship comes up for review
41   26   39   7   1   27

Not a time to allow pride to stand in your way, or cloud your judgment. If you need assistance, ASK. Remember no one can read your mind. Ground rules need to be set right at the beginning of any relationship, before misunderstandings occur
11   27   43   21   6   30
Choices need to be faced and made. Time to ask the big questions, what do you want, and who do you want to share your space with. Sometimes we simply have to make the tough decisions and simply do it
27   13   6   4   15   21

Promotes articulate, truthful, confident, communication




January 30 2015


Things are heating up a bit in some areas, which can either add a dash of sugar and spice ..or ????? This is definitely not a time to make life changing choices, sit tight and allow yourself space to think everything through

10  13  25  14  7  11


Things are beginning to look up as you see the way to move forward. The pressures of the last few months lifts and there is a huge sigh of relief. Don’t rest on your laurels just yet, take advantage of this time to push your own agenda

11  13  5  41  7  8


Time to strut your stuff, put everything out there, ask, and you shall receive. Take a bold stand in stating what you want. However try not to forget those who have backed you all the way. In the rush forward, make time to share good times

17  4  8  42  12  3


It’s all or nothing now, so get ready to put in extra to receive returns. The time has come to get up and deal with certain issues, then they can no longer affect you or your lifestyle. Catching up with friends may answer a few questions

17  4  43  15  26  1


Make sure you have all the answers in your hands, before making a move. Things may not be as straight forward as they first appear. Check, check and check every detail, it’s the small stuff that matters. Be diligent, and have patience

16  45 12  30  5   7


It is time to bite the bullet and get down to work. If you want change, now is the time to set things in motion. Open every door, if you don’t ask, you will never know. Promises are important now and need to be priority number one

17  23  30  24  5  7


There is an air of excitement around, things are beginning to move forward. Letting go of the known could present a few OMG moments, but trust the process. It is time to seek new horizons, meet new people and take a firm stand for your future

7  33  26  41  27  4


Right now the questions should be WHY, why am I doing this? Why am I accepting this behavior?. Nothing will change until you face it and sort things out. It is about setting boundaries and making sure they are respected

28  33  16  24  10  7


Confusion reigns, so try not to buy into the drama. Remember It is what it is, what it is, what it is, and no amount of common sense will prevail. Suck it up for now, and get on with what you know works. Within a very short time, a very abrupt turnaround brings sanity, so breath and smile

7  37  41  27  5  19


If things are not going your way. CHANGE DIRECTION … because you can. Sitting back waiting on someone else to make decisions and choices, simply won’t cut it right now. Time to face reality and get a plan of action happening for yourself

19  16  13  34  10  27


Well, the direction lies in your hands, you can sulk or move forward. Either way change is happening and the only choice you have is .. how you deal with it. Treat this as an opportunity to grow, to be bigger and better in every way

11  27  19  28  43  10


It really is time to face a few issues head on, bring things out into the open. When things are clear, then you can decide what needs to be done. Be sure of who you can and cannot trust, this is not a time to take a chance on anything

7 33 26 14 43 20


AMEGREEN…. Facilitates spiritual and physical evolutionary development

amegreen cropped


October 17   2014

CAPRICORN Sometimes all you can do is sit back and let others do their thing. Be ready to assist when needed, but understand, now is about allowing others to learn from their own experiences. Finances are in for a little boost 19   16   41   15   4   2

AQUARIUS New beginnings are great, as long as you don’t carry all the past with you. At this time some things simply have to be left, where they belong, in the past. It is a time to be open to new experience and meeting new friends

16   27   18   9   45  12

ARIES Head down and hard work, is on the agenda. However, you know this is the only road to success right now. Other ‘stuff’ can be put on hold, while you get this time sorted.  A new system of dealing with issues comes just in time

7    11    27   14   35   41

PISCES Try not to get up in the emotional drama of things you have no control over. Others need to make their own way, accept it may be different from yours. Hanging on to a grievance will only cause you pain, in the long run. Let go and move forward…because you have no choice

14    16   9    10    27   45

TAURUS Catching up on backlogs can be a bitch, however as there is no option, head down and get on with it. The sooner you start the sooner it will be done. Try not to allow others to distract you now, you have things to do and they cannot be put on the backburner any longer

11    7    18    39   45   6

GEMINI An amazing opportunity needs to be taken advantage of, you may not have all the details, however a start must be made. This is a time when you will need to back up commitment with solid hard work. It will pay off in a very short time 16   27   41   12   33   30


Things appear to take on a life of their own, so be ready for just about anything. You may need to oversee a project , to make sure everything and everyone is on track. Look into all the minor details and the big stuff will sort itself 11   27   43   19   8   7


Acceptance of how things actually stand, is often a difficult thing to deal with. At this time you have no option but to accept things exactly as they are. No matter how much you wish things were different, it is what it is, so do the best you can

11  34    37   42    12   3


Decisions need to be made, it is no longer possible to live between two evils. Time to make some serious choices and then take steps to put things in motion.  You are not likely to be everyone’s fav person, but you need to be true to what works for you right now

7   33   11   27   8   4

LIBRA Think things through carefully, makes sure your  ideas and plans are practical. It is much easier to sort issues out in the beginning, than to clean up a mess later. Friendships could appear a tad shaky, allow them time out to deal with stuff, and all will come good

19   6   41   28  7   1


Not a time to hide from reality, be open and deal with things head on. Not only will you move forward, but you will be able to access overlooked opportunities. Emotions are a bit all over the place, so be gentle with yourself and others 19   16   24   23    10  4


Sometimes you just have to accept the hard stuff and find a way to deal with it. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is worthwhile. So put all your effort into sorting things out with someone close. Allowing a new space for the relationship to grow into

11  9  7    31    25   10


MOOKITE  …. Inspires and energizes one to fulfil commitments


October 10   2014 CAPRICORN At this time be open to new ideas and different ways of doing things. You will be surprised how much you learn with an open mind. Let go of expectations and simply enjoy the moment, and the people in your life 16   17   42   15   8  7 AQUARIUS Someone just pressed your go slow button, and revved everything up. Take advantage of this time to set plans in motion, to open doors to new experience  ..and… romance. Many will move into strong relationships, while others strengthen bonds 6   41   16   29   41  8 ARIES A time of surprises, and reunions. Let the past be the past and move on. Hanging on to old stuff is only pulling you down.  Except there are some things you will never change and deal with what you can. Emotions should be set on happy mode 19   16   43   27  18  4 PISCES Change, is in the wind, but don’t get hung up on scary stuff. Change is simply change, it is your reaction that sets the pace. A great opportunity awaits, grab it with both hands, because you can. Take time to make sure the home fires are burning nicely 11   37   41   23  6  10 TAURUS Time to take stock of what is and what is not working, then put a plan in action to deal with it. This is no time to put your head in the sand. Some things simply will not go away, so you may as well deal with them. However there are some relaxing spaces in between 16   7   38   41   20  33 GEMINI A whole new direction is opening up, and best you be ready to go along for the ride. Take care of the details, and everything else will take care of itself. Trust your gut instincts in a financial matter, do not leave the details to anyone else 7   11    24    5   9   2 CANCER Time to make some choices and commitments to the upcoming year. Ask the big questions, where do I want to be?… what do I want to achieve?.  When you have things straight in your head, then it will be time to take action to put a plan in place 16   27  4   1  33   22 LEO Things are a bit on overload, but taking things step by step will get everything sorted. Try not to rush into any more commitments right now… you have enough to deal with.  Take some time out to enjoy the space you have right now, you need it 11     27    43   10   26  45 VIRGO Same old drama, but in a new cover. My goodness one would think people could get the easy stuff sorted, but no.  Let the work stuff float over you, no matter how difficult, you can only do so much, then you simply have to step back and let the powers that be sort themselves or not 41   26   16   9   4   7 LIBRA An exciting new era could be beginning, depending on how you deal with the opportunity. Relax and give yourself a little bit of breathing space. Panic is not your friend right now, just do your best and it will be more than enough ,  it will be fantastic 11   7   42    5   33   6 SCORPIO This could be the beginning of a whole new adventure in the career area. So jump in with both feet and give it your best shot. Amazing things could be coming your way, so be prepared to do the work needed to make it all happen.  Friendships become very important 27   11   33   16   5  4 SAGGITARIUS A time to go gently with yourself and those around you, misunderstandings could lead to major upsets. Be sure to state things clearly and try not to get caught up in emotional drama. He said/she said is definitely not the way to go… think , breath, think 29  16  43   21   30  4 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK , WHITE FLUORITE  …. Releases the past as is soothes and calms the spirit white flourite         WELCOME   October 3   2014 CAPRICORN Getting ready to make the next move could be keeping you really, really busy. Try and pace yourself, so you don’t end up ratty around the edges. Big efforts equal big rewards around the weekend, so enjoy. Make compromise where needs be 11   27   45   6   32    20 AQUARIUS Everything is in move forward mode, so get ready to put in the time and effort needed. Ok, so some things pan out differently than planned, but, hey it could be a better way. Be sure not to close doors, before checking every angle 11  5   8   18    43   2 ARIES Time to take charge of a few things and get them moving. This is not when you can afford to wait on the actions of others. If you want something done, get motivated and get it moving. Everything is in your hands now, go for gold. Because you can 19   16   45   24   18   34 PISCES You’re in a good space right now, however don’t let yourself slide into a comfort zone. There is still work to be done to allow a project to jump to the next level. What needs to be let go of, will quickly come to light, so,  just do it when needed 27   41   19   45   23   20 TAURUS There appears to be a few hiccups in the background, particularly in a work related matter. At this time you need to put your best foot forward, and take care of yourself first. Sorting the mess of others can and should come in second. Otherwise plans are moving along nicely 16   27    32   10   8   11 GEMINI Now is about setting boundaries and making sure you stick to them. Time to let others sort themselves and if necessary move on. Remember to take care of the little things that can easily be overlooked during this busy time. Make time for one on one time with those closest 19   16   43   37   12   40 CANCER Some things need baby steps, and some things need a leap of faith. During this cycle you will need to evaluate which is which. Understand once committed to a course of action , you will need to see it through. This is a time to put your interests first 14   16    39   27   14   1 LEO Acceptance is the big thing now, understanding there are some things and some people you simply cannot change. Yes, there will be flack, but let others deal with their own stuff. This is a time to get motivated with what you want, and where you want to be 16    37   42   10   15   6 VIRGO Not a time to be the great pretender, speak up and make your feelings known. Only then will things be in a position to change. There could be a few dramatics on the work front, try not to buy into the politics, it is simply a re-run of past drama. A weekend win sees you smiling 11   37   42   19   28   4 LIBRA A challenge needs to be cheerfully met, because you can. Try not to buy into the hysteria around a certain situation, it is simply a re-run, with a different script. Time to put yourself out there and take a chance, because there is no option really 16   14   7   19   42   20 SCORPIO Issues from the past may pop up to be dealt with once and for all. Try not to get bogged down in the blame game. Simply do what is needed on your side , then move on. Hanging back in situations is not the way to go, take a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised 11   27   16   35    42   10 SAGGITARIUS Time for a reality check, are you really doing all you can to make things work out? You will find you cannot hide any long and need to take steps to improve situations. Or move away from them. This really is a make or break time, so be prepared to make the tough calls 16    27   31   25   6  12 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK , PICASSO JASPER …. Acts as a map to transformation Picasso Jasper         EK BEGINNING   August   22   2014 CAPRICORN Well who turned the sunshine on in your smile?. This is a great time of celebration and having fun. Be sure to take advantage of every single minute of it. For some a really big surprise lights up your life, if you are ready to commit, now could be the time 7   17   24  15  9  8 AQUARIUS Hang on for the roller coaster ride, when events take on a life of their own. It could be a tad competitive but all the more reason to simply go for it.  You need to put it out there so it can come back, but let go of expectations 16   44   28   41   13   25 ARIES Step gently around some emotional stuff, feelings are a bit on the tender side. It is a case of keeping quiet and let things unravel. Just when things appear to be settling, something else pops up to be dealt with. Take a few deep breaths and get started 11   27   33   20   16   41 PISCES Keep some of your ideas under wraps, just for now. You don’t need someone else jumping on your bandwagon right now. Be aware of what motivates others around you, and act accordingly. Not a time to bury your head in the sand 16   29   42  11   37  6 TAURUS Now is all about work opportunities and taking advantage of offers. Even though some things seem a bit out there , give everyone a fair hearing. You will be surprised at the feedback. Someone really presses your buttons… but the question is ..Is it a good or bad thing? 42   17   41   23    36   24 GEMINI Making time for others is high on the priority list right now. It is time to remember why you have chosen the path you travel.  A commitment brings more rewards than expected, so be prepared to enjoy the benefits 27   16   43   29   14   42 CANCER Things are beginning to look up, you have actually turned an emotional corner. You are now able to see a clearer picture of what you want and how to go about getting it. Don’t be shy in asking for direction or assistance. Everyone is ready and willing to offer support 45   13   28   7   16   4 LEO There is a buzz in the air, and everything is changing, be prepared to enjoy the ride. A matter relating to the past is finally set to rest and allows you to move forward.  Finances are looking up , but still spending could do with a brake applied. Some will fall deeply in love 16   27   41   43   33   20 VIRGO Try to step away from everyone else’s drama. It is time to concentrate on what it is YOU want and where you want to be.  It is not only fine, but necessary that you be a tad self centred right now. Only by concentrating on your needs will you be able to make sane choices 11    37   42   16  5   24 LIBRA Time to take a long hard look at reality, what is it you want?  Only by understanding things will not happen by themselves, will you be prepared to put in the effort needed. Don’t trust anything or anyone on face value… better safe than sorry. Look out for number one first 19   42   36   41    40   13 SCORPIO Time to ask is that cup half full or half empty. You need to see that you are imposing some unrealistic conditions on yourself and others right now. It can only lead to disappointment. Time to lighten up a little and simply go with what appears 14   26   37  19  40   2 SAGGITAURIUS Understand asking for assistance is not a weakness, you cannot carry everything and everyone. It is time to lighten the load. Remember you can only do it alone for so long, then things begin to fall apart. At this time it is about delegation 27   16   45   39   19   7 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK , AQUA AURA…. Connects with the Divine Feminine and esoteric knowledge aqua aura   July 11    2014   CAPRICORN Take this time to reconnect with friends and family. Time to put the past behind you and move on. However remember not to get caught up in the same old drama again. Move on but be aware some things don’t change 17   11   44   7    23    37 AQUARIUS Stand by what you have chosen, this is not a time to be swayed by the input of others. For many moving on can be a tad scary, but bottom line it is time. Listen to advice, but do what is in your best interests first. You can help others when you’re organised 16    4   27   41    5   9 ARIES Oh, my goodness, emotions are all over the place and you are a tad overstressed. Not a time to make major life choices, reaction is the last thing needed. Try and step back from situations and view them in a detached manner, if not working, hibernate for a few days 16   29   27   13   4  6 PISCES A new direction is about to open and best you be prepared. Set some ground rules in motion, even a time share plan. Because this is not a time when you need to go into meltdown. Emotions are scattered, so step gently. Love interests may be a tad demanding 11   17   43   2    16   24 TAURUS Let the good times roll, make a point of doing something for yourself, because you can.  There is a lightening of the load and you can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.  Changes on the work front , while unsettling hold good rewards 41   11   29   2   30  6 GEMINI You asked for a miracle, well hold on , because it is about to happen. Taking care of business is what needs to take priority right now.  So put everything else on the back burner and concentrate on future directions. Ask for what you need 11    27   43   16   5   10 CANCER Family and friends are at the forefront right now, so make them your priority. Everything else can go on the backburner for a little while. Take some time to contemplate what you really want and where you want to be this time next year… then get the ball rolling 11   7    27    37   42   1 LEO Hibernation may be the best option right now, take time out to get yourself sorted. We all need down time, to recharge and regroup. Do not allow work pressure to push your buttons. Unexpected visitors bring welcome news 17   42   19   45   23   6 VIRGO My Lord, miracle of miracles it would seem common sense finally prevails. Don’t get to comfy with it though, some one is sure to mess up really soon.  Taking things step by step is the way to go, that and expanding horizons to see what meets your needs 17   15   3   26   9   7 LIBRA Time to put a plan of action in motion. Relying on others simply does not work in some cases. This is when you need to put your own needs above the demands and expectations of others. A new era is about to begin, be ready to prune the old 16    20   13   6   41  27 SCORPIO Take care of your own needs and then look to the needs of others. You may have to be strong and stand your ground in one situation, but you’ve been there and done it before, so no biggie. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by emotion, reality is what is needed 14   17   31    25   19  4 SAGGITAURIUS Finally you are able to see a glimmer of light at the end of a long long road. Now all you have to do is set a plan in action. Take care of business one thing at a time and all will be good. Trying to do everything at once will frustrate and confuse the issues 6   41  37  18   29  5 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … PHLOGOPITE …. Fosters and protects those in need phlogopite-large-franklin       July 4    2014   CAPRICORN Excitement is in the air, and plans are everywhere.  Step back a bit and give yourself time to sort through what is on offer. There is after all no rush, so enjoy the process. An emotional issue comes to a head one more time… step gently 13   16  42   15  7  4 AQUARIUS Although choices and decisions need to be made, play your cards close to the chest. Not everyone is in agreance with your choices.  But on the brighter side, opportunities will be on offer, not all good, but never the less, giving you hints of what is possible 27   41   15   29   34   1 ARIES Now is all about the work front and what you do and do not want to do. Use this time to research opportunities and basically see what is ‘out there’.  Partner and family issues need to be dealt with, some things simply cannot be put off any longer 11     16   19   45    6    7 PISCES Ok, big breath and simply breathe. You could be doing way too much and getting tangled in the process. Things are on the right track, you simply need to prioritize and allow things to sit if need be. A demand is just that a demand, ignore it until good manners surface 19   37  41   26   43   2 TAURUS Relief is on the way, so hang in and do what it takes. There is a lifting of the stress you have been under and this paves the way for better times. Do not get caught up in the emotional drama of anyone, let them sort it out. Maximize down time 19   17   36   28   42  15 GEMINI Things appear to be back on track, however it is a time to pay attention to detail. Efforts must be directed into sustaining a plan to move forward. Try not to get side tracked or caught up in someone else’s scheme 1   27   41   28   43   6 CANCER Now is the time to take the bull by the horns so to speak. Take action and then follow through. Now is the time to set future opportunities in motion, and generally take care of business. Spend time reviewing the how and why, then get on with it 11   27   41   13   20   5 LEO Stay flexible as plans chop and change. There are a great many irons in the fire at the moment, and some will settle down. Try not to get into starting new projects, you have enough on your plate as it is. Make time to rest because you are going to be glad you did 45   13   21   26   4   9 VIRGO You know what?, sometimes you simply have to throw your hands in the air, walk away and let others do their own thing. Often experience is the best teacher, and you can soon say “I told you so”. Take care of your stuff and back away from the rest for a while 17   43   2   33   6   41 LIBRA You need to accept right now that others opinions simply don’t count, they are not what rings your bell. If something works for you, go for it.  Do not overthink things , because mostly what you see is what you get. Be open to new experience 16   42   37   21   9   11 SCORPIO Faith in yourself and your abilities will go a long way right now, so dig deep. Things are on offer, but you have to put in the time to make it work. Things on the home front are in for an abrupt change, be ready to go with whatever happens. Take care who you trust, someone is talking the talk and that is all 11    27   41  19   8  43 SAGGITAURIUS Changes are in the wind, and some you have no control over. Do the best you can, and accept you need to rely on others for the rest. Take a good long look at a financial situation and make moves to resolve issues. Make a plan and stick with it 16   11   27   42   31  20 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … SHATTUCKITE.. Radiates Spiritual energy, enhancing prayer and manifesting shattuckite   WEEK BEGINNING   June   28   2014   CAPRICORN

For now it is head down and simply get through the workload. You may be feeling a tad flat, but hey, life goes on. Lifting your expectations is a good thing, and will push others to meet your standards

19   16   42   3   4      12 AQUARIUS Love may make the world go round, but everything needs a kick start from time to time. Do not assume your significant other knows how you feel.  Time to put some effort into what you do and /or do not want. Make some clear lines in the sand 17   27   41   25   12  4 ARIES Time to buckle down and understand your true worth. It is time to stop allowing others to take advantage of your kind nature. Sometimes you simply have to make the tough calls and get it sorted. Trust gut instincts with new people 12    4    5    26   25   14 PISCES Re-access your direction then take action to make it happen. By understanding what you truly want, you are more able to assist others.  The offer from another, while genuine, could slow you down, or come back and bite you in the bum. So take care before jumping in 27   41    38   19   42   15 TAURUS Wow, looks like the gravy train just pulled up at your station, things are looking sooooooooo good. Take advantage of everything on offer right now, because it is your time to do your thing. The sky is the limit.  Just remember romantic partners may not be quite so excited 15   34   12  20  16  9 GEMINI Put a plan in action and follow through. There are some great opportunities about to come your way, so, make sure you’re ready to roll. Make sure others around you know how you feel, show them you care. Trust is your greatest friend right now 6   16   23    15   42   1 CANCER Don’t take on to much right now, overload is definitely not a good thing. Take a while to re-assess your options and then put a plan in motion. You are actually more than ready to go it alone, don’t allow fear to hold you back.  Remember it’s your party, so cry if you want to 11     27    45   36    15    7 LEO There’s a thrill of excitement in the air, so be ready for anything. Family are very supportive and strong at this time, be sure to make time to catch up. This is a time to relax, not run around in multiple directions. Everything in its own space 41    17    43    26   9    18 VIRGO Hang in there, losing your cool, is simply not worth the drama it would create. Learn to step back from the situation and see it in a detached manner. If not possible, take lots of walks, breaks, chocolate, whatever it takes to stay calm. This is definitely not the time for explosions 17   24   33   16   45    12 LIBRA Taking charge of situations will pay off big time, now and in the future. Understanding ‘it is what it is’, will go a long way towards peace in your space. Having started well, continue to grow and improve, because you can. Give yourself a big pat on the back 11    7   45   24   19   6 SCORPIO Taking a stand is a great way to allow things to move forward. Accepting some things are out of your hands, allows you space to deal with what is needed. Look at this time as setting a ground plan, for the future. So cover all bases 12   16   3   21   40   5 SAGGITAURIUS Worry seems to be a constant companion, this is not doing you any good, or getting anything accomplished. Time to jump in and make some changes that work for you. Sitting stewing on a situation , does not resolve or change anything. Take action 17    11   24   10   5   8 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK …. RUBY IN ZOISITE…Provides contentment, enchantment, and delight rubyzoisite02-293x300           June   13 2014 CAPRICORN Everything is happening at the same time, take a chill pill. You need to relax and enjoy the process the same as everyone else. A rare gift of love shows you exactly where you stand , with someone important in your life 11   27   41   19   12   7 AQUARIUS Time to check if the numbers all add up, and then make some choices about where to go next. This is about being absolutely sure before committing to a course of action.  Try not to be influenced by the thoughts of others. Remember everyone has their own agenda 1   16   31   28   37   41 ARIES Regrets may be holding you back big time, so release the past and move forward. Understanding what could have/should have changes nothing, will allow you to move on. Take note of all the little details and follow through 16   7   19   27   41  12 PISCES Ahhhhhhhhhhh, time to simply let go and enjoy some peace. Things finally appear to have settled to a dull roar, so enjoy while you can. A business proposition demands careful attention, so read all the small print. Visitors while unexpected are very welcome 6   31   20   1 4   7   11 TAURUS Wishing and dreaming, will not get the job done, so head down and simply do it. Changes may be unexpected, however could prove a blessing in disguise. Take care with minor health issues, you need to be on top of things, to deal with the heavy work load 22   11   7   45   36   19 GEMINI Unexpected gains, and gifts place you in a place of gratitude. This is a time to move plans forward a notch. Get everything in order to move to the next level. Stay flexible as plans change, but be prepared to take a firm stand on future direction 41    8    12   35    15   4 CANCER What do you really want? That is the question.  Not a time for procrastination, just get on with things. A challenge needs to be considered from all angles, you actually know there is no choice,but that won’t stop you trying 11   25   14   30   45   2 LEO Take time to relax and enjoy. A time of mixed emotions but everything turns out for the best. For some new beginnings are on the agenda. Balance needs to be the keyword now. A career move is on the cards 41   12   3   6   42    7 VIRGO Focus is all on the career area in a big way, but don’t stress it is in a good way. You need to make choices that work for you and then follow through. Indecision is simply not acceptable now, so just do it? Step away from conflict 16   41   23   7    25    14 LIBRA Choices are varied and a bit out there, so be careful. This is definitely a time when you get what you ask for.   Tread gently around close companions, feelings are a tad touchy and not in a good way. Trust in your instincts 7    21   11   36    19   4 SCORPIO A balance between work and play needs to made and stuck to. However travel arrangements need to be flexible. Be open to meeting new people and learning new ways of doing things. For singles love is definitely around the corner 16   42   15  7  38   12 SAGGITAURIUS Only you can know what it is you truly want, so give things careful thought. Try not to allow the actions or opinions of others to sway or cloud your judgements. Time to step back a little and let someone find their own feet. Rest could be good 17   25   19   38   27   2 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK APOPHYLLITE… Clearly connects physical forms to spiritual realms APOpopholitte         May  23  2014 CAPRICORN A great time to simply acknowledge all the gifts you have been given. Gratitude is a great way to go now. Relationships may be on a bit of a roller coaster, but that can add to the fun. Try not to take on more than you can comfortably handle 19   16   32   12  4   1 AQUARIUS Not a time to put distance between old friends, you never know when you will need them. Enjoy what is on offer and stop analysing everyone’s motives… it could simply be there is none…and folk genuinely like you. Chill 17   4   8    45    15   2 ARIES Regrets are just that, regrets. Let it go and move on. Getting hung up on issues of the past, will not help the now. So if you can’t fix it… Let it go, because there is no other choice. A new direction is about to present itself, take a chance. 16   41   7   12   30   5 PISCES Take this time to relax, and prepare for the next step of your journey. An offer is on the way, however although exciting, will need careful consideration. Do not jump in, before checking all the details. Be open to a different perspective 11    27   43   1    23    26 TAURUS Sometimes it is simply easier to take a step back and allow things to take their course. At this time whatever you say could be misconstrued, so let it all flow over you. Taking a stand for what you believe in is the way to go right now. However, endeavour to be calm and in control 14   16  4  12   34  5 GEMINI Take care of the little things, pay attention to the details. All else will follow, basically do what you can and everything will fall into place. In the hustle and bustle of this week be sure to  pay attention to relationships. Everything and everyone has a time and place, be flexible 11    33    25   14   6  7 CANCER Stretch your wings, take on new projects. This is the time to invest in a new venture or learning, because you can. Take stock of what you have to offer, then go put it all in motion. Remember this is your time so make it count 17   11   23   6   45   17 LEO All though things may appear a tad overwhelming, stay on track. Understand it will all work out in the long run. Make sure you give yourself some down time simply to rest and catch your breath. Try not to buy into family drama 11    27   43    25   34   1 VIRGO A much better time is ahead, you simply have to deal with the now for a short while longer. Relationships can tend to be demanding and one way over the top. Try not to be manipulated into an agreement, you just know you will regret. 17   23   36   25   42   10 LIBRA Do allow anyone else’s opinion define who you are. Accept it is just fine to be who you are and do your own thing. Buying into the expectations will only undermine your confidence, and slow your progress…  it is fine to be unique 17   42   13   36   25    14 SCORPIO Sometimes you simply have to take control and be firm with those around you. Exciting times are ahead, and you are ready to enjoy the good times as well as the good things, life has to offer. In the push forward, remember to look after health areas 15   17   16   27   41   2 SAGGITAURIUS Stubborn pride will get you nowhere fast right now. So take the time to re-assess, what it is you really want. Do not bite off your nose to spite your face, it will not help anyone. However it is time to make some definite changes 7   21   11   20   36    27 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. . RED AGATE …  Increases self-confidence and harmony within groups redagates       May 9  2014 CAPRICORN This time is all about taking a chance and putting it out there. Try not to take on to many tasks at the same time.  Your aim now is completion, to finish one thing and then move on to the next. So don’t over think or over complicate the issue 7   18   29   21   41   3 AQUARIUS Time to follow through; remember things will not get done by themselves. This is a time when you need to be fully aware and ready to rock and roll. Amazing moves are possible but you need to put in the effort.  Just do it, and all will be fine 11    27   43   12   30  6 ARIES Reunions, though unexpected can be refreshing. Let go of judgement and move on from past issues. This is a time to make things count, to get things moving. So maybe you need to shake yourself up a little bit and stretch yourself in a different direction 7   9   11   24    27   5 PISCES Even though things may appear to be a tad out of control, it will settle to a dull roar shortly. Take a deep breath and do what you can. Try not to let anyone rain on your parade right now, you may not be exactly where you want to be…but you are getting closer….and it is your parade after all 11   36   27   15   41  10 TAURUS Review all of your options before committing to a course of action. There are a few things going on under the surface, and you need to wait until there is a clear picture. Stressing is simply a waste of time right now. Take care of what you can and put the rest aside 16   29   19   45  8  41 GEMINI Time to make big choices, and move forward with confidence. Not a scrap of sense in stressing over what you cannot change. Simply deal with what you can and let others deal with their stuff. Moving on may not be easy, however it is necessary 16   42   14   5   15 CANCER This is a time to take responsibility and action. Your situation will not sort itself and too much time has passed, with no action. At this stage your choices are limited, so you simply need to get on with things that matter. If you step on toes, so be it 11   37    41   26   5   2 LEO At this time you may find yourself running around in circles. Make a plan and stick with it. Advice needs to be accepted in the manner it is given. Remember not all advice is good advice, so take what works for you. Be sure to get plenty of rest, there is a busy time ahead 14   37    21    45   9   5 VIRGO Ahhhhhhhhhh, chill time, so sit back and enjoy. Taking a step back is just what you need right now. It enables you to see a clearer picture and make better choices.  Try not to rush into a big decision right now, your head may not be in the right place 16   25   17   38   12  30 LIBRA Things are changing and this need not be a bad thing. Everything depends on how you perceive the situation. Listen to all sides, but make your own, clear informed choices. You may need to take a step back and review one relationship 11   17    42   19   6   45 SCORPIO A new direction is beginning to open, take confident steps towards a better future. The time of indecision is over and you can make headway. There is simply a need to trust your instincts. A financial area settles allowing you to breathe easier 7    11   17   42   20   33 SAGGITAURIUS Moving forward may be a tough choice but best in the long run. Just be aware of making judgement calls without all the information.  A new direction will open for many, when the tough choices are made. Finances improve 45   7   11   23   30   12 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. ANTHOPHYLLITE.. Serves to cleanse and purify the body Anthophyllite_in_Komatiite         May 2  2014 CAPRICORN Take a chance and put it all out there… in reality what have you got to lose?  There is more gain during this time, however it does involve taking a few risks and letting someone know exactly how you feel…and why 7   19   11  44   42    20 AQUARIUS Emotional overload, and there is nothing you can do, except simply deal with it. Take each thing as it comes up, and remember there is no putting things off for another day. That day is here and now, so simply bites the bullet and get on with it 7   27   41   21   30   6 ARIES Regrets and looking back are on the agenda. However no matter how many regrets some situations have moved on, and you must do the same. If there is something that can be salvaged , go for it. If not put in in the bag of experience and move forward… because there is no choice 41   24   15   36   21   4 PISCES Do you need to add another bow to your string?  Well now is a great time to make things happen. Stepping out of a comfort zone will teach you a whole new way of looking at things.  Memories may be a tad bitter sweet , so concentrate on the good ones 11   36   29   28   14   41 TAURUS Not everything is as it appears, so take heart and move forward.  Sometimes it helps to simply let go and let others deal with their own stuff. You need to accept some things will simply never change and get on with what you can deal with 7   41   21  11   10  5 GEMINI All work and no play is not helping any situation, you need to take time to find a balance. Let go of those who are a drain on your energies and look after number one for a while. Choices need to be made and documents signed…. Be sure to read the fine print 7    31   11   25   10 CANCER Whoa, time to slow down a bit and take stock of what really needs to be done. This is a time to focus on priorities and let everything else take a back step.  Advice needs to be viewed as just that… advice. The ultimate choice has to be yours and yours alone 7   45   6  13  20   14 LEO Be a little compassionate about those who may be crowding you now, see things through other eyes. You do not need to sort things for others, simply be there. A financial decision needs to be made and stuck with 7   5   24   11   13   2 VIRGO Try not to let the little things get under your skin right now, it will all pass every shortly.  Enjoy the down time while you can, because things are about to hit overload any day now. Getting involved in work politics is definitely not recommended right now 16   28  7  41   12  3 LIBRA Just because you can…does not mean you ought to. Think things through before making decisions, you need a cool calm head. And that certainly is not happening right now. Do not let panic push your buttons… slowly, slowly one step at a time 18   16   45   12  17   8 SCORPIO Ok, sink or swim time. Gather all the information you need, before making a choice you will have to live with for a very long time. This is not a time to make rash  decisions, you need have all the information in your hands. Take as much time as you need 11  9   43  6  20   12 SAGGITAURIUS Time to step up and deal with your life situation.  What can you change?  Do you want to change things? All these questions come up to be answered. Be careful of rash choices, you could live to regret them 8   37   41  28  45   14 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. RHODONITE .. Boosts self-esteem, encourages gentleness rhodonite-cabochon         April 25     2014 CAPRICORN Time to put your foot down, if someone is not pulling their weight , say so. Everything will get done as long as there is an order to follow… and everyone does their part.  Not a time to be shy about asking for what you need… all will be good 14    43   21   20   16   5 AQUARIUS So many changes are happening all at the same time, take it slowly. This is not a time to over react to the small things. Just step back and let things take their course. Romance needs a little attention , so make an effort, it will be well worth it 16   27   42   13   20  1 ARIES Overload, is the name of the game, so try and pace yourself. At least, for a short while. Try not to buy into squabbles and drama, it will soon be over.  Some will be planning trips and this is a great time to secure a bargain 11    7   22    10   13   6 PISCES Everything appears to take on a life of its own right now. Breathe it will be fine, you simply have to stay one step ahead, and be prepared to jump in boots and all. Time to dedicate time to taking care of business ventures and moving to the next level 41   11    23    30   4   6 TAURUS Even if things look a tad on the gloomy side, relax there actually is a silver lining. Not everything is as it appears, so try not to stress.  An offer needs to be considered in the manner it is given.. there really are no strings attached.  Accept a gift graciously 27   14   43   25   5  6 GEMINI Taking care of business needs to be the number one priority. There will be time enough to party later, now is important, as far as the future direction is concerned. Understand for a wee while it is fine to be self-focused 11   27   41   16    31   2 CANCER Taking charge of where you want to be…takes effort and dedication. Right now you simply have to do it, end of story. Taking care of business, your business, must be first and foremost on the list of things to do.  Make sure to enjoy some good times along the way 14    45   16    37   15   11 LEO Standing your ground will get you precisely nowhere fast. Time for a bit of give and take, share the load. Things may be all out of whack for a while, but that’s ok. You simply need to go with the flow, until things straighten out again. Take care of niggly health issues 27   16   42   10  43   21 VIRGO An unexpected offer needs careful consideration; it may not be exactly what you want. But it can be a stepping stone to better things.  Emotions are a bit all over the place, so tread gently around friends and work colloquies.  Finances are on the improve,  Finally 11    27   41   19   21    13 LIBRA Take a step into the future, set some things in motion and follow through. Now is the time to make a stand and open doors to new beginnings.  It is no longer good enough just to get by, you are ready to move mountains… so go for it 7   13   11   20   19   31 SCORPIO You can make some solid moves forward…. If you listen to sound advice, which may not always be easy for you.  Ask the questions and make sure your happy with the answers, if not, move to another area. Emotions need to be kept on a tight reign 27   41   10   28    43   9 SAGGITAURIUS Make some decisions and get things moving. Time will not stand still for you or anyone else. Offers are thin on the ground, so be sure to act fast, when the need arises. Let go of the past, hanging on serves no one. 16    42   10   13   2  4 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. astroph .. Re-connects the inner and outer realms       April 18     2014 CAPRICORN Pay attention to details, it’s the little things that add up to success now. When things get to running on overload, little things tend to be forgotten.  Emotions are a tad stretched so take things one step at a time and all will be fine 6    16   42   1   5   17 AQUARIUS If you think you can… you can, however if you think you can’t, you won’t even try. So now is about getting a positive mindset and just going for it.  New horizons are ready to be explored and new commitments beckon. Take a leap of faith and go for it 17   11   20   37    43   12 ARIES Catching up and just relaxing seems to be the way to go right now, because you can. Taking time out allows you to enjoy company and make some new friends. Pay attention to invitations, there is more here than meets the eye.  Some old friendships simply are done and dusted, so let them go 7    17   43   29   45   1 PISCES Planning, planning and more planning.  Everything is on the go, but in a good way. Stay positive and allow things to take their course. You have done all you can in one situation, leave it in the lap of the Gods. Not a good time to overspend 16    24    17   9   13   21 TAURUS Time for a huge sigh of relief, and some down time. Step into relax mode, because you have earned it. An offer needs careful consideration, it may deliver in most ways… but how much are you prepared to let go. Think through your priorities before making a decision 11    7    32    26   19   10 GEMINI Take care of business first, otherwise you may make mistakes and forget important dates. Delegate where needed. You need to set a course of action and be sure to follow up on each and every detail. Do not neglect important relationships; they need to understand you care 41   16   24    15   23   30 CANCER Remember there is no rush to do everything in one day, slowly slowly.  By pacing yourself , you will actually achieve so much more. Stand your ground with a family member, you have rights as well. Emotions are running high so do it gently and honestly. 7   6   16   21   13   30 LEO You could be feeling a tad overwhelmed with life right now… take a few steps back and just relax. It will allow you to see a much clearer picture.  Let go of past issues, there is nothing you can do to change anything, anyway. A visitor perks you up and is a pleasant surprise 11   42   13   36   5   10 VIRGO Accept you can only be in one place at a time, and let others deal with it. Now is about time management, and making it work for you. An offer while interesting may not be exactly as it seems. So check the small print carefully and be sure to ask detailed questions 7    41   23   6   20   13 LIBRA A new direction is about to open, so be ready to jump and just do it. Accepting some dreams simply never happen allows you to move on.  This time can be exciting or challenging, it all depends on how you choose to view it 16   27   41   23   30  4 SCORPIO Time to re-evaluate many areas in your life and make the necessary changes needed. You need to remember no one can read your mind. If you have issues .. voice them. If you are unclear on issues…ask. If you’re not happy with the conditions ..change them 16   42   17   8   10   21 SAGGITAURIUS Time to lighten up a little bit, accept you cannot control everything. Then you will be able to make decisions where you do have a say.  Nothing changes unless you put in the effort to make it happen. So stop complaining and get on with it 16   7   24   17   45   23 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. CELESTITE .. Connects to the Angelic realms and promotes higher consciousness celestine33191f       April 11    2014 CAPRICORN Things seem to be settling down to a dull roar, but don’t get too comfortable. As things, are extremely changeable, within a few days. Pay attention to detail, so you get the best deals possible. Relying on others may not be the way to go 17   21  27  41   13  6 AQUARIUS This is when you need to jump in and make things happen. Everything is sitting in your court now, so move baby move. Explore different options and ways of doing things.  It will pay off much quicker in the long run. Enjoy some down time , because you can 11    43    36   26   27   24 ARIES Things could tend to be a tad on the fiery side right now, so if possible keep your cool. Buying into arguments will get you nowhere fast, so step back.  Tempers flare , but die down just as quickly. Definitely not a time for confrontation 16    45   23    21   10  4 PISCES A little touch of excitement enlivens things now, get out there and simply enjoy. A decision of importance needs to be put on hold until you’re confident in the outcome.  Friends may prove to be a bit demanding of your time , energy and resources, think think and think again 1     17   45   6   23    26 TAURUS Priorities are the big thing now and you simply cannot allow anything to slide. Stand your ground and demand your due. You have worked hard and deserve recognition. Rearrangements can be made to meet your needs…so go for it 11    27   45   6   23   20 GEMINI Take control of what is your stuff, and step back from the needy demands of others. You are in a space when you need to put the needs of self and home first. Tighten the reins on demands, to allow space to do your own thing. 7    11   34    31   26 CANCER Challenges are sent to stretch us and push us into moving forward. This is your time, so suck it up and get down to business.  A new idea needs to be explored and followed through, remember things will not do themselves.  Time to take a chance on what you want 10    21   11   45   7   8 LEO Decisions need to be made and set in stone now, because you can. Letting go of past events will serve to allow you to move forward. So chin up, what you cannot change , simply walk away from. If you need assistance… ask 10    12   36   4   17   5 VIRGO Everything seems to come at once right now, just take it step by step and you will more than cope. A blast from the past could see you burning the candle at both ends. Be sure to schedule in a little rest time.  Work is about to undergo a few changes, be ready 16   41   23  20  4  7 LIBRA You need to take charge now and make things happen, because you can. Explore new possibilities and be open to advice. You don’t need to take everything as gospel truth, but there is some good ideas coming your way.  Things are beginning to look a tad brighter 7   41   26   35    42   25 SCORPIO Choices, choices and more choices, just be sure you don’t cut off your nose, to spite your face. You are on the verge of a new direction, so keep an open mind. This might be a good time to catch up on some health issues and get them sorted once and for all 7   11   24   5   32    30 SAGGITAURIUS Take a step back and let bygones be bygones, there is no sense in stressing over what you cannot change.  An offer midweek deserves careful consideration, before being turned down flat. Friends are in need of a bit of TLC so be available 4  17   43    22  5  6 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. HEMATITE . . Helps balance the Body, Mind Spirit connection hematite32760c_2         April 4    2014 CAPRICORN Everything may not be as it appears, so step lightly. This is not a time to make lasting commitment, give it a bit of time.  Things need a lot more clarity before you can confidently make a decision. Just sit on the sidelines for now 16   11   27   43  1   5 AQUARIUS Your old friend procrastination is back in town, try not to go there.  Time to be upfront and decisive, then things will begin to fall into place. Trust your own judgement and not the ramblings of another. Remember not every truth fits every person 16   19   37   27   41 12 ARIES Make sure all plans are set in concrete now, so that nothing can come back and bite you on the bum later.  You are in a unique position to move forward in a chosen direction, just get out of your own way and do it.  Overthinking is the enemy right now 17    26   39   1   27   11 PISCES Breathe, do not let the panic bug take over. Yes things may be a tad stressful, but they are also exciting and inviting. Walk on the wild side, just for a while, test the water.    Let yourself experience something entirely different, you may find you love it 10   16   32   19   18   7 TAURUS Overload is the big drama right now, so cut back on saying YES. Time to pace yourself and step back from things that no longer serve your purpose.  You can only do so much for others, then you have to cut them loose to stand on their own feet 6   16   41   13   25   27 GEMINI Listen to all that is on offer, but then review and make your own choices. It is time to take care of yourself right now , so maybe let others cope with their own stuff. A chance meeting leads to bigger and better things 17   16   41   2  30 5 CANCER Things take on a life of their own, and that’s all good.  Forward movement is essential right now, as you need to make a start. Putting things off will only make the move forward harder. Release fear and deal with issues head on 41   27    17   43   21   20 LEO A few niggling issues need to be dealt with, then you are able to see a clear way forward. Relying on others simply will not get the job done, so get motivated. New friendships are light and fun, but can be a cover up, so don’t jump in to quickly 11    7    37   41   25   27 VIRGO Stop with the panic button, everything is going to work out just fine, but in a different way than your expectations. You have done all you can, step back, everything is in the lap of the Gods. Take a bit of time to enjoy a break, and gather your thoughts 7   11   23   20   16   35 LIBRA Choices are not always the easiest of things to make, however your between a rock and a hard place. So just bite the bullet and get on with it. What you cannot change , walk away from, your energies can be put to better use.  If you need help, ASK 7    29   37   27   12   5 SCORPIO You need to be believing in yourself right now, trusting your own instincts. Advice is great as long as you understand it is advice and not written in steel. Trust you are on the right track and simply get on with it. Motivationon needs to be kick started big time… you can do it 16   32   12   28   24  5 SAGGITAURIUS Ok, so things are not going according to plan … change the plan. Flexibility is the name of the game right now, and you need to be able to go with the flow. There is not a lot you can do to change things, but resolution is in your hands 11   32   20   16   9  5 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … .SODALITE .. Absolves old patterns, guilt, and fear, motivating peaceful change sodalite       March  28    2014 CAPRICORN A few new challenges come to the fore, but all good you are ready. At this time stand your ground and things will turn out better than expected. Listen to advice but don’t feel compelled to follow everything your told…listen to common sense 7   16  23  24   18   45 AQUARIUS Time to put a few things in place, to secure the future direction.  The time for thinking is over, get out there and make it happen. A blast from the past maybe best avoided, don’t go down old roads. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. So save yourself some grief and close the door 11   7   18   27   41   29 ARIES Take a bold step, and put a plan into action. There is nothing to lose, by going for it now. Challenges are good, they stretch you and push you to do the best you can. So don’t back down, get in there and make things happen 20   13   26  5   41   25 PISCES Time to take a step back, and review a few things, get things into perspective. Because you can.  Treat advice as simply that, and make your own decisions. Remember bottom line only you know what is best for you and yours 7    30   23   33   25   14 TAURUS Hang onto your temper, nothing will be achieved by spitting the dummy. By walking away from a situation now, you will soon see justice done.  Biting your tongue may not come easy, but for now it is the best course of action 11   27  45  8   26  13 GEMINI Plans need to be made and followed through. This is a time of hard work, so head down and stop chasing rainbows. Yes there is a place for dreams, but now it is time to get the plan into action. Because it is not going to get itself sorted otherwise 13   11 22  30  4  5   2 CANCER Time to take a leap of faith and get things moving, because you can.  Make sure all plans are set in concrete and be prepared to move forward. This is your time in the sun, make it count. Family issues may prove a tad demanding, all good, things will settle 7   11   29   24   16   43 LEO Relief is great, now that things appear to be settling to a dull roar. Take time to relax and gather your resources, before planning the next step of the journey. Try not to let anyone stress or intimidate you, let them deal with their own issues.  You are done 16   42  12  6  45  7 VIRGO Chilling time , and a little bit of exciting news. Things are beginning to fall into place, and you can actually see light at the end of the long long tunnel. Emotions around you could be a tad precious, so tread gently and learn to walk away 41   32   26   37   19  8 LIBRA An important choice needs to be made, and then put in place.  This may not be the easiest of times, but will pay off big time in the future. Everything may appear a little topsy turvy,but will soon settle into a steady pattern 16   24   17   9   43   21 SCORPIO Time to gather all your facts and follow through on what works for you. Meeting new people can open up a whole new world for you. So no more procrastination, just get on with the job.  Travel could be on your mind 16  19  42  6  14  25 SAGGITAURIUS Let go of expectations of others and do what makes you happy. This is the time to think of what is going to make your life easier, and meet your expectations. Take a chance and meet new people and be open to new experiences 11   37   42  16   19  8 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … .CLEAR QUARTZ .. Concentrates intuition, healing and divination quartz     March  7   2014 CAPRICORN Be prepared for a few shakeups along the way to success. Everything is not as it seems, so just do the best you can. Do not under any circumstances get caught up in a he said/she said drama, it is destined to end bad. Visitors can be entertaining in a weird way 16   41    13   28    17   4 AQUARIUS Time for a mental shake, and a kick up the proverbial… you can accomplish so much now. You simply have to get on with doing rather than fence sitting.  Leaving things ‘till later, simply will not cut it.  You need to make a commitment and get it moving 17   1 6    14   3   21    1 ARIES A few career options are on the cards, read the fine print in all contracts. This is a time when you need to make every base a winner and go for it.  Do not let others talk you out of what you want to do. Standing your ground is the way to go 11   7    37   19   43   2  5 PISCES Happy dance time, yes things are looking good. Take time to enjoy this time, because busy is the name of the game in the very near future.  Stepping around a situation, will only get in the way and cause delay. Tell it like it is and get on with it 11    27    34    19   16  4 TAURUS Don’t allow anyone to put the guilt trip on you.  You have to make decisions based on what is best for your whole family , not simply a part thereof.  Do not buckle to pressure, because true colours are about to surface, and you will see a clear picture 6   11   22    17   8  26 GEMINI A new direction is opening, remember sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards.  Resist the urge to take short cuts.  Put in the hard yards and you will see the results very soon.  Not a time to let anyone rain on your parade 27    33    10   28    7 CANCER A time of bitter sweet moments, let yourself laugh and enjoy. An opportunity needs to be given careful thought, be sure it is what you want and not what someone else wants for you.  Put a plan in motion and stick with it , because you can 14    28   16   34   28   4 LEO Plans run into overload, so rest while you have the chance. Take time at the weekend to have some fun and just play.  Unexpected visitors are fun and just what you need to give you a lift. A financial bonus puts a smile on your face 27   16   39   41   15   13 VIRGO Life seems to settle to an easier pace, however don’t get to comfy with it.  Things are about to shift a gear very soon, and you will be back in overdrive.  Everything is a bit in limbo right now, but not for long. Unfortunately you just have to go along for the ride 17   34   19   45   26   2 LIBRA A new idea, goes into action and takes on a life of its own.  So be ready to make headway at the speed of light.  Listen and learn from those around you, you do not necessarily need to take everything on board. Just be open to learn 11    6    27   21   30  25 SCORPIO Follow your gut instincts, even if it appears a bit out there to begin with. A whole new direction is ready to move in  and you need to be ready for it. This is no time for modesty or shyness, get in there and get the job done. 11   26   16   32    21   20 SAGGITAURIUS Time to spread your wings a little bit, see new places and faces. Take time to smell the roses, because you can. A financial boost is very welcome, and well deserved.  Make things count now, because you are in a winning position 16   23   21  43   17   1 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK…. YELLOW APATITE   …. Promotes uplifting, joyful, happy emotions Apatite09     February   28    2014   CAPRICORN Sometimes celebration happens for no particular reason… don’t question good fortune , just accept it is all good.  Follow through on events and make sure you get the outcome needed. This could be a tough call..but is there really a choice? 7   42  19  11  4   10 AQUARIUS Career areas are in the spotlight, and choices need to be given consideration. Can you do it? Absolutely so stop undermining your confidence. Jump in and get the ball rolling.  Family concerns need to be faced head on.. Once and for all 16  25  43   37  9    23 ARIES New directions are opening up , so be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Change is good so embrace it and move forward. When you accept you are in control of what happens in your life… everything will slot into place 16   41   12   37    43   5 PISCES Crossroads time… every so often we all hit a fork in the road and need to make a judgement call. This need not be a negative it is all about how you relate , and deal with what’s on the table.  Right now you are definitely up for the challenge , so go get it 17   41   43   29   5   16 TAURUS Stand by what you know to be the truth of a matter; do not let anyone sway your judgement. This is a time for you to make things work your way.  Putting in the extra effort now, will pay off big time in the future.   So stick to your guns 11    27   39   41   13  20 GEMINI Step out with confidence in the future…. Things are beginning to turn around, and you can see a different direction now.  Take everything you know, add a heavy dash of motivation and all things are possible… be very flexible with plans 16   42   13  20   4  5 CANCER Home and family are the focus right now.. however you need to understand you cannot please everyone.   Be sure to factor in time to simply be still. Emotions are on overload , so don’t try and put on  a brave face.. allow things to flow 14    37   19   23   5   26 LEO Be gentle with yourself now, take everything step by step. Understand there are some things that are simply out of your control.  Support and understanding comes from unexpected areas, accept it in the spirit it is offered. Look forward to better days ahead 11   27   43   6   24   17 VIRGO Endings and beginnings all rolled into the same package.  Sometimes you simply have to go with what there is… let go of control and do it.   A new opportunity may not appear all that enticing in the beginning… give it a go… better than you first think.  Now is about a shift in perception 7   11   41   15   27   23 LIBRA If you need help, ask for it… doing it tough is not always the best way to go.  Establishing a support crew will give you not only support but options.  Brain storm your ideas and see where they take you.  A move forward however small is a move forward 17   36    34   20   16  5 SCORPIO Go with the excitement and allow it to carry you forward. Resistance is useless now, so stop fighting and do it. New opportunity is there for the taking, just do it.  Getting out and about , meeting new people will be so much easier 16   23   30   15   42  25 SAGITTARIUS Now that things have settled down it is time to take advantage of some options. Time to make a plan and get the ball rolling. You are in the unique position of having many choices, and yes it is fine to change your mind from time to time.. love is in the air… enjoy 29   16   43   21   30  4 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK…. YELLOW JASPER  …. Promotes stamina, perseverance and focus jasper-yellow     February   21    2014 CAPRICORN Time to make a few adjustments, and, then get things moving. Do not buy into things that do not concern you ..it will only lead to future drama. For now let sleeping dogs lie. Visitors bring unexpected news 17   41   27   43   13   39 AQUARIUS Step back from the whole rat race for a wee while. Give yourself time to gather yourself together. Then you can move forward and make some informed choices. Understand every cloud does have a silver lining and things will be fine 27   16   45   24  19  6 ARIES Smile and do a little happy dance, things are finally sorting out for you.  There is hope on the horizon in many areas, be prepared to be flexible. Try not to buy into the negative energy of others right now. Everything will soon pass 11   27   43   26  5  38 PISCES Release all the expectations of others, time to do it your way.  Understanding a situation, does not make you responsible for it.. move on in your own direction.  This is a time when you need to put your own responsibilities first and foremost 16   39   42   15   28   16 TAURUS Everything old is new again, restarting a project is great. Take time to adjust to a different schedule, before agreeing to huge commitments. Time is on your side, so use it wisely.  Take a punt , luck is on your side this weekend 27    21   16   13  4  9 GEMINI Agree to disagree on some issues, then move on. Realizing you cannot please everyone, will allow you peace of mind.  Make a plan and allow flexibility and all will work out fine. Looking to the past will show the way forward 16   27   41   20  5   36 CANCER Take a deep breath, and simply get through this time. One day at a time, because, in some things there simply is no choice.  Understand it is fine to lean on friends and to reach out and ask for help. A plan may be delayed , but that is all delayed 41   16   7   12  30  5 LEO Excitement is in the air, and secrets are everywhere. Be patient and all things will be revealed, trust me you will be glad in the long run. Accept offers in the spirit they are given, there are no strings attached. Stand up to a bully 7   41   28   37   19   42 VIRGO Even though things may appear to be on shaky ground, there will soon be a direction forward. Make good use of this little bit of down time, it will be a long time before it comes around again. Moving is in the wind for some 11  24   37   18   29  5 LIBRA Now is the time to set boundaries, and establish what it is you really want out of a situation.  Simply going along with the flow, will not cut it. There has to be a plan in motion and you have to be the captain. So take control of things Now 41   35    16   41   7   6 SCORPIO Excitement is around every corner, so get out and about. This is not a time to lock yourself away, you need to see and be seen. Take advantage of offers and make things happen.  Let go of expectations and be open to new thought patterns 17    16  42   13   25  4 SAGITTARIUS Take time to re-assess what your options are, then you will have a clearer picture of what you are capable of.  Rushing in is not the way to go, so steady does it. Research, research, research, until you have all the facts to hand 7   11   26   37   29  4 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK .PSILOMELANE …. Enhances self-worth, promotes the will to live psilomelane500         February   7    2014 CAPRICORN Love is in the air, magic’s everywhere. Just go with the flow and enjoy the experience. Now is all about YOU, and allowing emotions to expand. For some a light flirtation while others make deep meaning full commitment 14   27   15   8   43   5 AQUARIUS Expanding your horizons will bring you a lot of satisfaction now. So not a time to be shy, or hang back. Put yourself out there, take that extra step. Every effort made now will return big time, very shortly. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade 16  14   9   8   4   12 ARIES Reunions and catching up is the way to go, time to make time to reconnect. Remember all work and no play can get pretty boring. There are opportunities to reach and re-invent relationships, and to make new friendships 16   25   23   17   8   9 PISCES Yes, things are looking better, so breathe. Things take their own time and agenda now, so forget trying to get an agenda happening. By allowing things to find their own level, you will be able to move forward faster.  Be patient a while longer 16    24   41   39   6  45 TAURUS Try not to take on more than you can comfortably handle. Added stress is simply not necessary right now.  Delegation is the name of the game, share the load, and you will get so much more done.  Try not to allow anyone to be totally dependent on you 16   19   28     7   41   3 GEMINI Time to take positive steps, to ensure future security…. because you can. Do not allow the ideas of others to cloud your vision. This is your time to make YOUR dreams a reality, so do it your way. Advice is good, listen then decide for yourself 11    27   43   26    28   1 CANCER There’s no place to hide now, so just accept what needs doing and get with it. A plan comes together but may need adjustment in the future. A time for new friendships and learning, new doors are opening… enjoy the journey 11   37   43   16   29   4 LEO Don’t rush into anything right now, wait until all the details are presented. Some things are not as they seem, better to wait than be sorry later.  Family issues may need to be looked at with an open mind, again things can appear deceptive 41    23   31   30   26  8 VIRGO Relief is on the way concerning a work related issue, and it is better than expected. Time to make some lifestyle adjustments,… so that you can actually enjoy your down time.  Time to let the past stay in the past and move forward with confidence 7    11   42   15   41   13 LIBRA Relief and forward movement come pretty much together right now.  Take advantage of everything on offer now, it is all good. Setting some boundaries in place can only be a good thing in the long run.  Take care with finances 41   20   36   43   12   6 SCORPIO Standing your ground will get you nowhere right now… give a little. Pride is not going to fix anything only get in the way. Deal with issues and move forward.  A career move while unexpected holds a great opportunity… do you have the faith to grab it??? 7   31   11   22   6   45 SAGGITAURIUS Time out is long overdue, so just chill for a while.  Things will be back to normal very shortly and you will be able to put the hassles behind you. A choice needs to be made around future plans, take your time to access all relevant information 16    37   41   24   15  6 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. AMBER …. Supports a positive path for change amber January  31    2014 CAPRICORN Things could get a tad confused now , as you move into a different role. Stressing is not going to help, or get the job done. Take control, move forward with confidence. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now 17   17   45   15   6  23 AQUARIUS Reaching back to the past, will give you the directions and answers to the now.  Take steps to sort all financial commitments now, because you can. Time to reach out for a better way of doing things, and allow others to assist … not everything is a one way street 16   45   24   7   12  3 ARIES Not a time to get disheartened, this is only a pause, not the end. Take time to re-group and gather yourself together. Things need to be sorted out and dealt with once and for all. The thing is you have more to offer than you think… trust the process 11   4   9    7    32   6 PISCES Not a time to give into despair, there are some things that are simply unchangeable. Your trust in someone may be shattered, but one person is not the whole of your life.  Take time to reach out to those you love and support you, there are more than you think 17   43   21   16   4   9 TAURUS Family issues could be a bit hard to cope with right now, however you need to sort priorities. Accept you can only do what you can, and let the rest wait.  Demands are over the top and need to be put on firmer boundaries 16  34    15   8  1   7 GEMINI Reach out to the past to discover the way forward.  This is a real time for what goes around , comes around. What did not work before, will not work now. Change the pattern, let go of the reins, go with the flow. Allowing new ideas to come to fruition 9   41    43   27   18   5 CANCER A time to step up, and, assume the mantle of responsibility. Because forward is the only way to go now.  You are stronger than you think, so head down and get on with it. Motivation will come, don’t sit and wait for it to happen. The ball is in your court 7   45   16   23  30   14 LEO Planning, planning and more planning, could be time to step back and review a few things. This is not a time to rush into things, you could miss an opportunity. Emotions are a tad flirtatious, so strut your stuff and enjoy 17   43   29    38      12 VIRGO Breathe, needs to be the keyword now, yes things are a tangle, yes there are uncertainties around , yes there is confusion. What can you do…nothing… just breathe. By accepting some things are out of your control, you are able to focus on those you do have influence over 27   41   29    23    31 LIBRA A time to face a few realities head on, if something is not to your liking… change it.  By accepting responsibility for your reactions, you can move through anything.  Take time to build a few fences and open opportunities to let go of what you cannot change 16   27   41   5  23   6 SCORPIO Can you do it???… Yes you can. This time of opportunity needs to be used well and nothing left to chance. Put yourself out there, yes sometimes you have to be in the firing line…. But remember the old saying  No guts , No glory 7   12   36   29    31    4 SAGGITAURIUS A load will lift from your shoulders at this time.  Give yourself time to simply recover and move on. Accept responsibility for your stuff and demand others do the same.  You cannot continue to carry anyone any longer 14   16   23   35   4  17 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. ULEXITE…. Amplifies the energies of other crystals   ulexite2       January  24    2014 CAPRICORN Just because someone’s opinion or perception differs from your , makes it none the less valid. At this time a good course of action is to agree to disagree. Some things are simply not worth risking the friendship for 11   27  4    7   42   16 AQUARIUS Celebrate all the good things in your life and kick all else to the curb. Now is a time to enjoy living and take that extra step.  Duty and responsibility will catch up soon enough, for now just chill and enjoy.  A financial choice needs to be resolved 45   13   20   14  7  8 ARIES Wow, look at you , strutting your stuff and making things happen. Enjoy your success and get ready to take the next step forward. Past connections are important so be sure to make time for catchups. A challenge is just what you need 16   24   15   7   3  41 PISCES Expand your horizons, an out there idea is actually not as unattainable as it may seem. Now you are able to combine work and pleasure .. if you are ready to take the plunge. All good things come to them who wait.. well… you have waited long enough.. get ready to fly 11   16  34   25   18  7 TAURUS Finally a bit of balance and common sense prevails. Now you can make solid choices to move forward, confident in your place in the scheme of things. Try not to take on too much, your plate is already overflowing 17   42   6  32    30   14 GEMINI Confidence should be your catch phrase for this time.. the more confident you are in yourself and your abilities, the more confidence others will display.  You are in a unique position to open a new direction, make the time and put in the hard yards 16   45   17   42   10  13 CANCER Relief and answers are in sight, so hang in there . Many options will become available , so think things through before setting things in stone. Excitement around new beginnings may show up as nerves and panic.. just breath , you have made the correct choices 7   41   11   13   23   26 LEO Time to take a good hard look at who you can and cannot trust… who do you want to spend your time with.  This time is about culling all and everyone that does not work in your life right now. A surprise visit has repercussions 14   42   13  26  45     7 VIRGO Not  a time to give into panic, things will sort out.  No one seems to know just what is going on right now. So try not to jump the gun, things have a way of resolving. Career areas are highlighted, and surrounded by confusion, give it time to work out 17   11   26   39   43  19 LIBRA Starting over may have a few setbacks, however in time everything will be clear.  This is your time to work on your independence and get things moving. OK, so everything is not exactly the way you want, adapt and make it work for you 17   4   6  36    10    7 SCORPIO Time to look into moving forward and letting the past take care of itself. Standing your ground is a good beginning, however do not let your stubborn streak be your downfall.  Challenges need to be used to move forward 19   17   42   18  6  7 SAGGITAURIUS Smile, things are beginning to look up and you can see a definite improvement in many areas. Take advantage of an offer, it is a beginning.  Letting go of things you have no control over , allows you to seek a better way 17   19  43  20   13   6 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. CACOXENTITE…. Enhances Astral travel and invites guides into your life cacoxinite         January 10   2014 CAPRICORN Time to plan a course of action, while you can. This upcoming period is going to be extremely busy, so do what you can, while you can.  Unexpected news from a loved one lifts your spirits, and introduces you to new ways of thinking 11   42   15   36    29   4 AQUARIUS Ahhhhhhhhhhh, breath that sigh of relief, as everything comes together. Don’t question the how or the why, simply accept what is.  Career areas move forward for some , while others head in a totally new direction. Either way it’s all good 14   16   35   24   19   7 ARIES Sometimes you simply have to accept….  What’s done is done… and get on with things. For now take care of things you have control over and stop fretting about the rest. Given time a new picture will emerge and you will be able to make other choices 16   25   14   23   36   7 PISCES Don’t let the stupidity and spite of another hold you back, you can only help someone so much, then it’s time to pull the pin.  Allowing a hurt to continue will resolve nothing, time to cut your losses and begin again… unhindered by the pain of yesterday 14   25   39   16   5  24 TAURUS Things are beginning to settle down to a dull roar, so take advantage of the lull before the storm. Time to put some plans forward and wait to see what comes back. This is not a time to be shy or sit in the background… you need to speak up for yourself 11  7   43   25    26   19 GEMINI Take time to cover all the details, even the smallest thing can make a huge difference now. This time is about establishing a direction and following through. Plot a journey, and prepare for every eventuality, but be open to suggestions 7   41   33   10   28   19 CANCER Definitely not a time to bury your head in the sand, look your problems straight in the eye and deal with them.  However do not cut off your nose to spite your face. Be open to listening to all sides, before jumping in boots and all. A trip may need re-evaluating 7     27  43   26  19  42 LEO Settling down to reality time, bummer. But there are still plenty of opportunities to make life fun. You simply have to deal with the day to day stuff , first. Make sure you check all receipts and accounts as mistakes happen. For some a family addition is in the wind 11    27   43   22   10   5 VIRGO Exciting times are around as new directions take hold. This is a time for you to carve your own place, and put some ideas forward. Definitely  not a time to hold back or be shy, you need your voice heard. Family issues need to be treated gently, it is a storm in a teacup 17    13   22   45   6  15 LIBRA Don’t jump out of the pan , into the fire, think, think and think again. What appears to be a resolution now , may in fact be the beginning of a future drama. By taking positive moves to research all angles, you may avoid discord 17   42   35   19   8   11 SCORPIO Step out of the background and allow yourself to shine.  As far as career areas are concerned you need to follow all hunches and take a few changes.  Your social life will pick up when you decide to make the effort to move outside your front door 14   23   36   19  8  17 SAGGITAURIUS Not everything is exactly as it appears, so take a step back and try and see things from someone else’s perspective. Not always an easy option, but necessary to your peace of mind right now. Things are about to change so sit tight 11   27   43   12   20  4 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. COVELLITE …. Helps support a healthy body, builds community spirit covelite         January 3  2014 CAPRICORN Take advantage of this time to chill out and simply enjoy. Celebrate all you have achieved in the past year, you have done well.  So take the pat on the back, all good. Petty drama needs to be overlooked and left where it belongs… behind you 11    27    41   43   25   6 AQUARIUS Looking back and doing the coulda /shoulda thing will only depress you… instead attempt to focus on all you have achieved and put other stuff on the back burner. You do not need to succeed first time every time… enjoy the journey… stress less there is no huge rush happening 16    27   17   43   19   8 ARIES Time for a huge sigh of relief, you can finally see a way forward.  Now is the time to be kind to yourself… because you deserve it and you can. Letting go of past issues can and will open new spaces and directions for the coming cycle. Embrace change 11     37   41   29    25   27 PISCES Be prepared to cull… old habits… old patterns.. things and relationships  that no longer serve your purpose.  Now is all about releasing the old stuff and making a space of new stuff to happen. You can no longer carry anyone else… this is your time 17   24   43    21   30  5 TAURUS You may be doing things a bit tough right now.. But need to put your own interests first. Outside demands need to be scaled down and others allowed to stand on their own feet, albeit a tad shaky. You can always support but you cannot do it for them. Look after your own interests 16   42   10   5   9   28 GEMINI Organisation while not your best point is actually your best friend. Do not accept anything on face value, do the research and make an informed decision.  Follow through every little detail, and double check everything 17   3   42    15    16   4 CANCER Do not over- react now… you could end up cutting off your nose to spite your face. Let things find their own course.  Pushing now could cause splits you will come to regret, gently , gently does it. Take time to consider your personal agenda… even if you come out looking a tad ruthless 41    16   23   35   14   7 LEO Not every cloud has a silver lining and sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and deal with it. However do not allow anyone else to intrude on your personal space, choices need to be yours alone.  Unexpected visitors can be tiring but fun 11    7     37     29    45   12 VIRGO Two edged sword time… a little bit excitement a little bit scary.  Relax you are better equipped to deal with situations than you think. Give yourself credit for what you are capable of. And do not allow anyone to intimidate you. Go for it because you can, you know what you’re doing, so do it 27   41  5   38    7    6 LIBRA Overload could be the word, however when there is no choice, you simply get on with it and make things happen. You may need to face a few unpleasant truths, but you’re stronger than you think. Jump in and do what works best for you… others can come second if need be 16   10   23    14     11  7 SCORPIO Make a few changes to your routine… because you can, and because it is long past time. Reaching out to friends is a good thing right now… your time as recluse is done and dusted. Adding a bit of excitement is new ideas and offers… go for it 7   23   11   25   40    33 SAGGITAURIUS Your life direction is in your hands alone, and so you need to think carefully where you need this next phase to take you. Work areas need to be looked at and if necessary changes put in place.  For some travel is the highlight 19   16   23   36   34  1 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK GOLD  …. Symbolises wealth used wisely and is the symbol of optimism gold

This upcoming year brings major exciting challenges … are you up for it… absolutely.
Learn how to pace yourself so that you enjoy the journey.  Family are all important and you will need to make time for them. Finances are a bit of a yo-yo situation, so stick to a budget
Time to accept limitations and deal with them. Not a year to push boundaries, but to deal with what is … You need to take responsibility for all you have put in motion, and follow through. Personal relationship issues are highlighted and many need to be finalized
This is all about taking charge of your life and moving forward, because there is no choice.  A major turning point will need to be dealt with midyear. You will have the opportunity to power ahead in career areas, but must take a leap of faith in relationships
 The upcoming year is all about releasing what you have n control over… It is about prioritizing what you need. By letting go of people and situations that drain your resources you open up space to move on. Many of you move house and start a journey of new discovery
 Moving forward this year is a bit like playing leap frog… one huge jump at a time. Try not to get caught up in emotional drama… it is not worth the effort. Travel and expanding horizons is a major theme at this time .. so be flexible
This year is about understanding limits, and working with what works. Not a time to add unreasonable demands on yourself or time. Dealing with others needs to be a two way street, you need to state your boundaries and stand up for your self
Life will seem to be on overdrive, so be sure to make some time for personal pleasure. This is one of those times when things will appear to be out of your control… but life happens whether we are ready or not. Finances and career areas go into overdrive, so be prepared to put in the hard yards
This year is about learning and accepting it is fine to live in your personal comfort zone. It brings excitement and new beginnings for many… new home, new baby, new partner.  However this year is all about you and making yourself a comfy nest.  Travel is amazing
The upcoming year is all about making your presence known in your chosen field. It is also about jumping in  and taking chances. By years end you can have accomplished much and moved into a secure position. Relationships of a personal nature are highlighted and many will make a lasting commitment
This year brings many opportunities to make things happen, even if it gets off to a shaky start. Take the opportunity to put some of your ideas into action, and then follow through.  Family commitments are highlighted.. Travel needs consideration
 This is a time to enjoy living and take every opportunity to move forward with relationships
Nothing is impossible this year, so go for it.. Home issues will need to be dealt with once and for all. Personal health areas are also highlighted so take care of things. Finances are on shaky ground until around midyear
This year proves to be quite a challenge , however it is all about personal choices , you need to accept that every action has a reaction.  So think carefully before setting things in motion. Choices around family could be a bit like treading on eggshells

CAPRICORN Opinions are great, but it is now time to stand by your promises, walk the talk so to speak. Not every action needs a reaction, so be discerning. Take your time about signing on the dotted line,  or you could regret a choice 174    16   42   31   28   13 AQUARIUS Cutting yourself off from friends and loved ones, will achieve absolutely nothing, zilch, zippo.  Life right now may feel a bit like falling off a horse… the deal is the quicker you get back in the saddle the quicker things return to normal 11    4    7    42   16   19 ARIES Taking control of the big stuff is definitely the way to go. There is no place left to hide, so get on with things… love areas need particular attention.  Letting things drift is solving nothing, so you have to simply deal with situations as they arise 7   23   3 1    16   25   41 PISCES A step back in time and party like you used to… why ? well ‘cos you can.  This is a time to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the good old days.  Do not allow anyone to take advantage of your generous nature at this time 16   27   14    43    20   12 TAURUS Get on with what works for you, and try not to pay attention to others. Sometimes it is best to simply smile and walk away. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by doing your own thing in your own way..Pay attention to a relationship issue 16   41   35    19    41    24 GEMINI Taking chances is the name of the game right now.  You have to give everything your best shot . and roll with the punches.  Try not to be influenced by the small minded people, let them row their own boat. If you stick with your agenda, all will be good 7    17   43   6   45 CANCER Make the most of the now, because in some situations.. now is all there is.  While plans tend to fall into place, be sure to have a backup on standby. Some relationships need boundaries, and you need to clarify what you will and will not accept 11   7   5   27   41   15 LEO Time to look at the finances and put plans into place. Things need to stay on an even keel, it’s going to be fine, just a few areas need a tweek.  Remember a bargain is not a bargain if you never use it. For some happy family news…. Could that be tiny feet I hear? 6    27    16   45    19    23 VIRGO Breath, there is nothing you can do about some situations, everything is in the hands of others. Who may or may not have a clue…. The facts remain, it is out of your control. So try to go with the flow and not spend too much time fretting.  On the up side family and friends are supportive 7    3   12    26    34   5   9 LIBRA Head down and work through a few issues.  Things tend to move very quickly and you need to be ready to go.  You may not get exactly what you want, however things could prove to be better in the long run. So just get motivated and put it out there 27    23   6    7    11   18 SCORPIO Party time tends to be a tad on overload, but enjoy. Not a time to be making excuses, because you need to unwind and enjoy for a change. An invitation leads to better things…. But you have to be there to make it happen.. so put on your smile and dancing shoes 19   16   25   34    27   13 SAGGITAURIUS Be open to new experiences and meeting new people. Everything may not be as it appears on the surface… so just do the best you can.  Allow yourself to experience new things. Let go of trying to please everyone and simply do your own thing 7    11   23    29   16   5 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … LAPIS LAZULI …. Strengthens the mind and promotes spiritual evolution lapis_header     NOVEMBER  29  2013 CAPRICORN Excitement is in the air and many plans are about to shift a gear. Remember it is just fine to ask friends to help.  This can be the beginning of something special, but only you can give it space to grow 17   43   27   41   45   6 AQUARIUS Indecision is fine, for the moment, however don’t sit on the fence to long. The party may go ahead without you. Being overly cautious may actually slow progress in an area very close to your heart.  Family issues can be a bit confronting 16   42   15   24   17   8 ARIES So, looks like you have run out of excuses, so just get on with things.  The blame game needs to be well and truly on the back burner.  For yourself and others around you.  Time to open doors to new ways of thinking …new ways of doing ..new ways of being 12    30    18    27   17   4 PISCES Just when things seemed to have settled down to a dull roar… someone pulled the go chain. You may seem to be running on empty for a while, but the energy will come from somewhere. A delightful surprise, allows you to see a different perspective 11   7    24   17   8   39 TAURUS Re-evaluate what is and what are not workable options right now.  Ask yourself the question. Is this really what I want?  This is a time of soul searching and for some the dark night of the soul. However there is always a tomorrow… and you do have options 16    13   37   41   15  7 GEMINI Put your best foot forward, and believe in yourself. Remember nothing comes from nothing… what you receive will be in direct balance of what you put in.  Time to make every base a winner and every opportunity count 6   14   37   21   16   11 CANCER Challenges may not seem quite as big as you first thought. It is all about perspective, and trusting in what you know. Not what you think… not what you wish . .. But what you actually know for a fact. By being true to yourself you will find the way forward 12    32     37   41    28   7 LEO Giggles and laughter are the order of the day, so just enjoy. We all need a time to simply go with the flow and enjoy the space we’re in.  This is not a time to make huge choices, simply enjoy what is working for you right now 17   45   36   28    7   41 VIRGO Time to step back and re-evaluate, a few options. It may actually be way past time to let go of one situation.  Accepting you cannot be there every moment for every one is a big move forward. Sometimes we simply need to put self-first 4    7    12    36   19    22 LIBRA Jumping to conclusions will get you nowhere fast. You will only confuse the issue. It is time to take a stand and get things happening.  Because they won’t get sorted until you put in the effort.  Let go of the past He said/She said, and move forward 22   13   26   15   41   2 SCORPIO Time to take care of business, whether that is in personal relationships, health areas or work. The time for ignoring things is long gone.  Practical solutions need to be set in place for everyone involved. Open the door to romance in all its forms 4   16   34   12  45  8 SAGITTARIUS Take one day at a time, and try to let go of things you have no control over.  Given a bit of time, everything will work out satisfactorily. Only it may be different than you think, not better, not worse, just different.  Take time to enjoy life 10   21    4   7    15   9 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK …. PARAIBA TOURMALINE …. Inspires long lasting love and freindship paraibatourmaline1     NOVEMBER   22  2013 CAPRICORN Not everything is as it appears, so step away from making judgement calls. Accept sometimes you might get the wrong end of the stick.   Take a bit of time to evaluate possibilities… then come back with an open mind 16   1    7   11    27    43 AQUARIUS Well, bless your cotton socks.. time for you to take a little R and R break.  Taking time for yourself will allow you to see things through different eyes. Accept your perspective is a tad off kilter and get on with things… a cash offer needs consideration 7   16    33    28    27   41 ARIES Finally you are getting things to flow along nicely… now all you have to do is keep up the momentum.   And don’t let anyone else’s input cloud your judgement. Time to be looking after self-first … in all areas. So get on with it PISCES Try not to allow the problems of someone get you down… it is time to concentrate on what YOU need to make your world balance.  Being of help is one thing… being taken for granted quite another kettle of fish. Unexpected news can be a bit scary 11   43   37    16   27   8 TAURUS Look to the past… to see the way forward. Repeating patterns, simply leads to the same results… something needs to change and only you can do it.  Remember what works for you may not necessarily work for everyone… however you need to be in control of your life 16    9   41     6    12   3 GEMINI Try to put the past behind you … it serves no useful purpose to be looking over your shoulder.  A challenge needs to be met and dealt with, it will allow you to move into a positive way of dealing with issues. Let go of that which no longer serves you…time to release the past and move forward 14   16    12   3   17   11 CANCER Just because things are a bit ordinary right now, does not mean you cannot change things. Now is about your taking charge, and doing things differently… because you can. There is a need to stand up and be accountable… get out there and make your point 16    22    26   32    3   10 LEO Allow others to sort their own stuff. By looking back you will be able to see a behaviour pattern.  Time to step back from a few things, and ,let others do their thing. Plans for travel are excellent, short trips are winners 17   4      42    15    36    25 VIRGO Try not to question every little thing, not everything is meant to run perfectly. Understand not everyone thinks the same as you .. or as clearly. A work related choice can be difficult, however keep the end goal in sight… it may be time to push the envelope.. just a little bit 14    25   34   16   27   19 LIBRA Taking responsibility for your actions while not easy, is absolutely necessary to be able to move ahead. Ask for the assistance and guidance you need. You do not have to take every suggestion on board, however options are always a good thing 27   41   16  9   39  41 SCORPIO Don’t get in the middle of a he said/ she said  argument, it simply is not worth the effort. Take a step back from the drama of another and concentrate on what works for you.  It may be time to stand up and have the Big talk with someone.. never easy, however, it does clear the air somewhat 16   27   41   5   23   36 SAGGITAURIUS Stepping up needs to happen, so that everyone knows where they stand. Not a time to be shy and retiring, get out there and make your intentions known. Now is a time to be loud and clear in what you will and will not continue to accept 11   7   12   27   45   41 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK… POPPY JASPER …. Promotes a positive, joyful outlook and energizes  creative action poppy jasper   NOVEMBER 15  2013 CAPRICORN A great time for putting past incidents behind you, and moving forward from a stronger view point. Sometimes it simply does not matter who wins the argument, there are better things to do. You can afford to take the high ground 11   7    24   17   8   5 AQUARIUS You may be feeling a little restless and unsettled, but do not be tempted to take foolish risks. Everything has its time and pattern, simply hang in there. Better days are just around the corner. Giving into a temper tantie will get you nowhere fast 19   16   41   25   43   2 ARIES Time to put your best foot forward and simply get on with things. Put the judgements of others on hold, remember it is only an opinion, not a fact carved in stone. For now you need to be yourself, and if need be retreat and re-group 11   17   45   34   23   3 PISCES At last you are beginning to see some results for all the effort you have put in the last few months, now you simply have to keep up the momentum. Things that have been elusive, just out of reach, now materialise and you can enjoy the rewards of hard work 11   23   30    26  45  19 TAURUS Releasing old patterns will free you to move forward and enjoy your life.  Hanging onto past drama right now will only slow you down. Time to take the higher ground.. because you can. Unexpected news causes excitement 7   16  42   15   11   6 GEMINI Time to sort a few things out on the home front, so that you are in a position to make positive moves forward. Disputes and disruptions, while unsettling are short lived. Accept graciously all that is offered in the spirit of friendship. 14   16  35   24   19   7 CANCER So maybe you are not quite ready to move forward, quite so fast. Deal with it, everything happens for a reason. You may not understand everything happening in the background right now, however go with it. Fighting the tides will only make things harder 16   42   28    19  8   4 LEO This time is all about finances, sorting them, applying for them, enjoying them. Step back a little and make a careful review of exactly where you want to be financially. Then if need be ask for assistance to get the ball rolling in the right direction 43   45   12   36   27   4 VIRGO So, things good be feeling a bit ordinary and you may yearn for some change and excitement in your life.  Take a step back and understand mostly life is made up of ordinary days. Enjoy this down time, because things are due for a huge shake up 7    2   11   5   15   6 LIBRA Facing a few uncertain truths may be difficult, however it will result in a more rounded view of future directions. Challenging someone’s motives is on the cards, do not be hood winked. Your instinct need to be listened to 16   21   10    23    24   15 SCORPIO Time to break out those party shoes, no excuses accepted. You have hidden away for far too long, time to shine. Accept invitations, because you can… and make some effort to enjoy yourself. A business deal needs careful monitoring 16   8   27   41    20   13 SAGGITAURIUS This time could prove to be extremely confronting… however some things are long overdue and have to be dealt with head on.  Hiding your head in the sand will no longer work. Make some plans to move forward, and don’t allow anyone to get in the way 13    26   37   41    25  8 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … .ANDRALITE …. Promotes success in business and safety when traveling andralite NOVEMBER 8 2013 CAPRICORN Let the happy dance begin, things are finally going your way. However do not let a friend rain on your parade… you have done all you can. Now they need to stand alone. Finances are looking good, but not yet time for the big spend 17     11    29    27   45   13 AQUARIUS Wishing and dreaming simply will not cut it… time to take some action. Positive moves, made now will pay off big time in the very near future.  So put it all out there and be prepared to make some sudden choices 17   42   29   16   19    4 ARIES Never one to step down form a challenge, you could be in your element. Just don’t get to cocky before everything is signed sealed and delivered. Where one relationship issue is concerned the least said the sooner it mends. .  So bite your tongue 27   16   34   13   20   12 PISCES Not everything is sunshine and roses, but at least the air is beginning to clear, and you can see a way forward. Not a time to hold anyone’s hand, you need to concentrate on your stuff. Moving forward is of the greatest importance now 13   27   41    16    6   25 TAURUS Change is all around you and you could be spoiled for choices… look beneath the surface before taking someone’s word.  You do not need to repeat old mistakes right now, so step gently. Remember the past and the results… a rerun is not necessary 41   23   26   5   41   34 GEMINI You may find you need re-arrange plans at a moment’s notice, so stay flexible. Patience is needed for a while, so you need to be in control of emotional issues.  Old friends surface as if by magic, some good, some not so good. Do not repeat a past mistake 11   7    22    3    1   4 CANCER A little bit fun… a little bit bittersweet.  This is a mixed bag and you simply need to build great memories. Open your heart to another and you will be surprised at the insight given. Stating your opinion, may be greeting with mixed emotions, but it is necessary 7   28   43   16   25   12 LEO Everything is running on overload, but don’t stress, it will all get sorted.  Remember advice given is simply that … advice.  You are under no obligation to follow through. A new sense of independence, allows you to open doors in the career area 11    27    43   16   31   20 VIRGO When the big shake up happens, remember you did ask for it at one time. Ok, it is not exactly as wished, however after a shaky start , things will iron themselves out. For some the personal life picks up and it may be time to move to the next level.  This is a time of commitment is all areas 16   28   17   27   43   39 LIBRA Things are a bit on the scattered side, however they are taking shape. You just have to set a course and stick with it, until things come to pass.  Decisions may not always be to your liking, but the outcome could be much better. Do not give up 16   24    17    5   42   11 SCORPIO Something that has been on hold for a long time, simply springs forward and you are able to go in a positive direction. This may upset a few plans , but timing is everything. Plans for future travel is in the wind, all good stuff. Don’t take on the work of another 11    26   4   17   8   25 SAGGITAURIUS Time to hold onto your emotions, because things around you could be spinning a bit out of control. Understand it is simply the circumstances, at the moment, and they will soon pass.  Catching up with friends shows you a clearer picture 6    31   24    7   19   28 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … .ROSE QUARTZ ….enhances love and emotions, rose_qua     November  1  2013 CAPRICORN Some things simply have to fracture. … So they can reform in a better manner. So stop trying to hold back the tide. Let everything take its course.  Stepping away allows you to see a clearer picture. Relax it will work out 11   29   33    24    19   45 AQUARIUS Time to have a look at what you really want, and then set a plan in action to make it happen, because you can. Some things are long overdue and you simply need to bite the bullet and deal. A financial offer deserves consideration 41      25     13     39    17   4 ARIES Choices, choices, choices, think everything through from every angle.  Do not jump in the deep end, stand back and let everything unfold.  At this time nothing is as it appears, so be careful with your decisions.  A financial decision needs to be faced 11    27   38   31   26    7 PISCES Get out the party shoes, time to have some fun.  Time to let your hair down, relax and have fun.  In one situation you simply have to stand your ground.  Stand up for what you know to be the right thing.  You will be able to see a clear way forward 14   7    23    30   11    41 TAURUS A new direction is on offer; check out all the details before signing anything. Everything is not exactly as it appears, so be careful.   Emotional overload, can be stressful,  so go slowly one step at a time. One situation needs to be dealt with and put to rest 45   13    22    19    41    16 GEMINI Charge forward with plans, it is time to strike out in another direction.  Remember to have some time to enjoy the journey.  Finances need to be re-assessed, and a plan of action put in place.  Everything can be worked out, so just bite the bullet and do it 41     28   37    19    26 CANCER Excitement is in the air, just enjoy the moment.  Take advantage of all that is around you, it is about time you did something for yourself.  A chance of new learning takes you in another direction. You are ready to go to the next step 45    7   13   26   27   19 LEO Things seem to have taken on a life of their own right now, which is ok. Time, to simply go with the flow and allow. Stepping away from a troublesome situation allows you to see a clear solution.  Listen to the warning bells as far as one person is concerned 27    13   29    15    41    13 VIRGO Family issues need to be discussed and a plan of action set in motion.  Remember not everything has a silver lining, but everything holds learning.  Time to allow emotional commitments to take their course.  There is nothing you can do to change anyone’s mind, so save your breath 16   27   43    29    17   6 LIBRA Things are moving forward very quickly, and in unexpected directions. This is a great time to enjoy and celebrate all that you have…. Because, you can.  Do not be shy to accept help on offer; it is freely gifted with no strings.  Finances need a shakeup 14    34    29    37    19   45 SCORPIO Enough is enough, time to stop tip toeing around a situation and deal with it head on.  The worst has already happened, so it is all uphill from here.  Standing your ground may not be easy, however, it will clear the air, and be rewarding in the long run 27   19   43   28    27   18 SAGITAURIUS Step back and review a few options, before committing to a course of action. There are a few things happening behind the scenes. So  hang back until you have the full picture, then let fly and do your thing.  Love is in the air for singles 14    27    39   13   20   19 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … .MOONSTONE….Acts to balance emotions, and to connect with the energies of the moon moonstone moonstone     October 25    2013 CAPRICORN Spend some time attending to your own joy, experience fully all life has to offer. Not a time to let anyone rain on your parade. So do not get caught up in the backwash of a drama.  Get excited about a project 11    27    41    15    45    2 AQUARIUS A reality hit while unexpected is none the less illuminating. Once you are in full knowledge of all events and results, you will be in a position to strut your stuff. Take care of minor health things they need not become a big deal 17    38   43   2   26   41 ARIES At last things settle down to a dull roar, so take a well-earned breather. Be ready to roll with the punches on a personal issue, there is nothing you can do to change things. It is what it is, end of story. Take care of finances 11   7    4    36    42    34 PISCES Oh my Lord, things are moving along just as if by magic, enjoy. A new era is about to begin, and you need to be ready to go with the flow. A personal relationship reignites , but the flame is gentler this time around. News from a distance sees a smile happening 17    16    4   9   28   1 TAURUS Whoops, you stepped on your toes?, for now you need to take a back seat and simply see how things pan out. Accept some things are out of your hands and let go. Soon enough the truth of a situation will be known 16   27   45    29    13  20 GEMINI My, my , my, things really seem to be moving in your favour. Projects finally take on a life of their own, so keep on the ball. Take time to consider the relationships in your life and how they impact. A turnaround  in perspective can and will work wonders 7     45   12    32    20   17 CANCER A new era begins and may feel a tad on the scary side, breathe… it is all good. Make time for family, just listening makes a huge difference. You are finding a new way of showing your worth to yourself and to others.  Be confident 4    6    31    24   15  8 LEO Excitement is the buzz, so just dive in and enjoy, all good things come to those who wait, and your waiting time is done.  Social events and invitations may see you running on overload for a while, but party time is good. Holiday plans shift into perspective 16   20   13   4   18   5 VIRGO Things may simply be a tad dull and humdrum, but don’t get to comfy.  A major upset is on the way, where you may end up as referee in the middle. Try not to take sides, this needs to fracture so it can come together in a different, better way LIBRA Oh the sun finally shines on you, and forward moves come out of the blue. Pay attention to all documentation, it is more important than you think. Let go of old ideas, and allow a new thought pattern to work its magic 16   37   29   27   45   12 SCORPIO Huge sigh of relief as things begin to settle into a familiar pattern.  Family and friends, need your attention, so only hibernate for a short while. An offer needs to be considered in the manner it is offered. Pride needs to take a back seat 16   23   24   7   18   9 SAGGITAURIUS Join in with friends and family, to find an alternative approach to dealing with issues. Some things simply will not just go away… you need to bite the bullet and deal head on. Be prepared to give a little more than you get 13   27    41   21   15    36 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … .ZEBRA ROCK….encourages compassion and cheerfulness zebra rock   October   11   2013 CAPRICORN Your world is about to go into overdrive but in some amazing ways. Dreams that have been put on hold take off, and you are in the best place to enjoy success.  Good news on the health front 7    17   11   22    2    30 AQUARIUS You may have to retrace a few steps and take a few things back. But sometimes it is better to be the one strong enough to back down. A visit is so much more than it appears on the surface, so be ready to make big choices 17     8    42   15    36    25 ARIES Whoa, hold off making snap decisions, all is not as it appears.  You need to step back a bit into the past… do not allow a repeat situation to take hold.  Looking back shows you the way forward.  Family need to be sorted once and for all, enough is enough 41    16    23    21    10   5 PISCES Time to listen the that little voice inside, and then follow through. Right now your intuition is spot on, so don’t let anyone sway your choices.  An idea finally moves off the back burner into becoming reality. Get ready to party 27   17   43   26   45   8 TAURUS Be gentle with yourself, you cannot achieve everything all at one time. It is simply one of those times where you need to allow things to take their course. A financial matter is looking better, but not yet time to spend big 21   17    43    26    14    5 GEMINI Get up and get going, this is your time to make things count. Take time to listen to the opinions of others , before dismissing things out of hand. You could be in for a major surprise offer, but again you need to allow 15    43    39    2 6   11   7 CANCER Excitement is in the air, so be ready to take on whatever comes your way. This is the time you need to set future directions in motion, time to get on the gravy train. Spending time with friends and loved ones needs to be first priority 14    23     31    20   6   7 LEO A small setback is not the end of the world, pick yourself up and move forward.  Allowing things to get under your skin will only cause unnecessary stress.  Some will be looking at moving either home or work area 4    11   23   37   41   5 VIRGO Plans and offers… will I /wont I , type of things happening. The big thing is if in doubt … do nothing.  At present things is a bit up in the air, so best to wait and get the whole picture.  Holidays are in the wind.  But look for bargains 45    16   34    25   17   7 LIBRA A new direction is coming your way, so take advantage of everything on offer, and  simply enjoy. New friends will open doors to new experience, so don’t be shy.  Finances are in for a bit of a boost , but don’t go wild on spending just yet 17   43    37   15   36   29 SCORPIO My goodness it is time to take the bull by the horns and get on with a new project. Starting new projects will add a bit of excitement to your day to day life.  An offer comes through at the last minute. So try not to stress 14    17    16   25   41   23 SAGGITTARIUS An unusual offer needs consideration… everything is actually above board, so go for it. Time to make some solid decisions around the home front, some things  simply need to change and it is time. Finances need dealing with 11     7    24   16   35   29 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK.. WHITE FLOURITE …. Releases the past as it soothes and calms the spirit OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   October   4   2013 CAPRICORN While dancing in the dark may be fun…. No one else knows what you are doing; this is pretty much how things are right now. You need to be open and clear about what you want and where you want to be … get it out there 7    8    41    15    13   2 AQUARIUS You may have a lot of ground to make up right now… try to get the tough stuff over and done with.  Procrastinating will only delay the inevitable, so bite the bullet and do what it takes to sort things out. A financial pressure is relieved 16   45   28   13   4    7 ARIES Everything is focused on financial situations and decisions right now.  Take time to review all your options, before throwing in the towel.  A change of direction is on offer and this sees you smiling, and prepared for a whole new experience 45    17    37    18    24   29 PISCES ME, time and you need to release all feelings of selfishness around it. Sometimes we simply need to concentrate on the self and our own needs. Try not to get caught up in the drama of others, let them row their own boat for a while.  Weekend brings good news 41    45    15   12   3   26 TAURUS Things may seem a tad on the tough side right now, but remember … all things pass. Give yourself time to regroup and rebalance. This is when you need time out, make sure you have that , with no guilt trip.. family are supportive 11    33    21   4   15   6 GEMINI Your world is about to go into overdrive, be ready to go with the flow. Accept you cannot control all things and you will have an easier ride.  Be open to listening to another way of doing things, but do not follow blindly, this has to be a free choice 17   6   15   42   14    11 CANCER It may seem there is no solid ground at the moment, everything is shifting and unstable. It is simply life doing its thing. Take some time to be gentle with yourself, do what works for you. Remember you need a shoulder to lean on as well as being the shoulder for others 18    16   45   42   27    14 LEO Excitement is in the air, things are moving along in many areas. Enjoy the buzz, don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Love is highlighted and small trips are enjoyable and eye opening.  Now is the time to plan big 11     7     4    41    23   9 VIRGO If someone is not listening to you, now is the time to get in there and make your point , one more time.  Persistence, persistence, persistence, wins the day. Stand up for what you know to be right and do not let anyone shout you down. Not a time to be faint hearted 17   43   26   19   41   6 LIBRA Everything happens at once, and catches you on the hop.  Step back and review the situation, before hitting the panic button. There is a solution to all things and a way around everything, so breath and do not be shy asking for direction and guidance 7    11    29    23   30  1 SCORPIO Stubbornness will get you precisely nothing, so get over it. Now is the time to network , get your ideas out there… but be ready to compromise to get what you need.  Taking the high road will not gain you anything, be flexible, listen and learn 45   12   37   16  28   9 SAGGITTARIUS Commitments and direction are the focus now… time to make some changes and follow through on promises. Being true to who you are is essential now; don’t change to fit anyone else’s idea of what you should be.  Stand still if need be 7      12     41    35    16   7 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK. .AZURITE -MALACHITE …. This blend opens the way to realising the unknown AzuriteMalachite2   September  27   2013 CAPRICORN Stepping around things simply is not going to cut it right now.  So get a plan of action happening, and follow through. In all the rush to get everything done at once, take a little time to share the good times with loved ones 16   11   2 7   13    2   14 AQUARIUS Hold off on making big changes right now, there are better options on the way. You may have to stand and defend what you believe in , but all will work out in the long run.  A challenge needs to be accepted and seen through 17   45   16   23   37    15 ARIES Regret is one thing, getting held down by it quite another kettle of fish.  What is done, is done, move forward. There is no way to change the past, but the opportunity to is there to forgive and move on. Do not buy into the drama of another 14   13   16   27    1   25 PISCES Stressing will not change a blessed thing… so relax a little bit. Change is in the air, and you simply have to sit back and allow things to take their course.  A blast from the past could point a direction forward.  Take time to care for you first 11   1     7    4    45    2 TAURUS Time for some tough love in particular situations, you cannot prop someone up all of the time. Now it is time to put yourself and your plans first.. all else will simply have to take a back seat.  A great time to review and re-arrange financial commitments 7     23     26     14   27   5 GEMINI A new direction is in the wind; just don’t jump in before checking all the pros and cons. Not all that glitters is gold, and you need to learn to distinguish the difference.  An offer that has been on the back burner is repeated… this time just do it 11   7    12    37    27    1 CANCER Look out things are about to go into overload, but in a good way. Looking back on all you have accomplished in the past year… shows you the way forward. Now is about taking time to congratulate yourself and making commitments to the future 17    25    14    11   9   45 LEO Wow, this is a time of great change, and moving forward. Everything may appear to have taken on a life of its own, but in a good way. Make time to catch up with friends and rellies, while you can. Some will move forward on the career path 7    23   11   30   29    45 VIRGO Going backwards is actually the way forward now… so the answers to situations lie is looking at how you have dealt with things before… treat the now as a re-run, then get it sorted.   Make a bold stand in the career area, turn up the heat , and go for it 41    23   1    26   45   7 LIBRA Imagination is your greatest friend right now, look for inventive ways to deal with difficult situations. There is a last minute unexpected change , so be ready to roll with whatever comes your way. Deceit will be uncovered and dealt with, if you stay calm 17   28   13   12   15   9 SCORPIO Finally things are looking up, and you can see a result for all your hard work.  Celebrate and enjoy together time with friends. A trip is on offer, smile and accept… Work out the details later. Work areas go into overload 6    12    36    14   37   10 SAGGITTARIUS Time to get down and get things sorted, there is no more time to procrastinate. Take the bull by the horns and initiate change at home and in the work area.  Understand nothing comes from nothing, time to put in a huge effort 6    12   17   42   13   2 7 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK … LITHIUM QUARTZ …. Enhances meditation and awakens the higher self lithium quartz           September  13   2013 CAPRICORN Don’t take no for an answer right now. Keep pushing buttons until you get what you want, and deserve. This is not a time to settle. Romance jumps up a notch , so take time to enjoy, and singles be out and about 7   43     1   31   28   5 AQUARIUS You may be feeling a bit out of sorts and bored… well you know the answer, get up and do something about it. Not everything can be left to a divine plan, sometimes you simply gotta give things a push… gentle or otherwise 17   42   16   28   18   4 ARIES Time to put words into action, there is no more time to think , it is action that is needed.  If you are looking for a career boost, now is the time to make it happen. Old friends, while supportive may be a tad demanding 27   41    20   13    36   7 PISCES Step away from things you have no control over. There is enough of your own stuff going down, without carrying someone else along the way. There comes a time when we have to cut the ties, that are sucking the life out of us… now is your time 1     23    26   41    15  7 TAURUS Understand it is fine to step back and let the world do its own thing for a while. At this time it is about recovery and renewal for you. Accept sometimes you simply need to be by yourself to lick your wounds and heal 21    32     26   23   18    7 GEMINI Pace yourself, no sense in taking on more than you can do.  Allow someone else to assist and lead at times. Resist outside pressure to perform in a set manner… you know what works and need to stick to it 17   43    37   8   19   42 CANCER Trust in your own ability and instincts now, you know what works for you. This is a challenging, learning time, but you are more than up for it. Do not let the spite of someone get under your skin, they are a tad jealous 7    17   4    18    25   29 LEO Look out romance and drama is on overload. Make sure you take care of your own stuff, before taking on someone else’s. You simply do not have the time or energy to spare. And it is the same old same old. A weekend win is more than expected 7    1     13     21   4    8 VIRGO Ahhhhhhhhhhhh , bliss things are finally taking a turn for the better. You can sit back and relax a wee bit and get on with doing your own stuff. A friend can be a tad demanding of your time and energies, give only what you are happy with… demands are not requests 42    13   23   25   15   4 LIBRA Everything seems to happen at once, grab on with both hands and enjoy the ride. Make sure you set reasonable routines that you are capable of sticking to. Meeting new people may be a great thing, so be open to allowing new friendships 27    45    41    6    25    23 SCORPIO Everything comes to a head at the same time…. breath, you can get through this. It is simply a matter of organization. And, if need be delegation. Family issues can bring their own frustrations around the weekend 14   45    27    13    26   21 SAGGITTARIUS This is the beginning of a whole new segment of your life. Reach out and grab it with both hands. OK, it may not be exactly what you want, but treat is as a stepping stone. Everything has to start somewhere 27    14     19    25   6    32 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … ELESTIAL QUARTZ …Facilitates self-determination and self sufficiency el quartz   September 6   2013 CAPRICORN Whoa, everything is go… so be ready to move at a drop of a hat. The past comes back to be dealt with, just don’t get caught up in the drama. Family can be a tad demanding but simply  offer a shoulder 7   21    23   5   17   45 AQUARIUS Get ready to roll, things are moving forward very fast. There is a need to take control of situations and follow through.  A challenge needs to be met head on.. no good putting things off. Romance needs a boost, so do it 11   7    28    16   4   2 ARIES Time for a bit of a breather, just take some time out to consider your next steps. This is not a time to rush headlong into anything. Review every possible choice, you may be surprised.  Challenges can be met and sorted through 7    20   23   1    45   6 PISCES Try not to buy into every little drama that comes your way… resolve to deal your stuff only.  Letting go of what you cannot control, releases more time for yourself.  Take a chance on  a long shot, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Time to source a huge bargain 14   7    45   6   2   13 TAURUS Stand up for what you believe right now; don’t let anyone tell you what is best  for you. This time is about accepting responsibility for all your actions and putting a plan for the future into action. Stand your ground with family disputes 16   42   25   14   8   6 GEMINI Reach out to new people and directions, trust you are on the right track.  There is a need to consolidate direction. Make plans to move forward in one area, but be sure to do the homework and be ready for anything 17   9   5   42   45   12 CANCER Family issues are at the forefront; however you need to be realistic in your views. Do what you can, but do not accept responsibility for someone else’s actions. This is a time to learn about who you are, and what you can do to progress 45    41    21    26   7   9 LEO While things may appear a bit same old same old, enjoy the peace. This is basically a space between dramas… so enjoy it. Take time to review alternate ways of dealing with people and their issues. They need not be yours. So try not to allow them to impact on you 11      14   7    5    3   21 VIRGO Yes, things are not exactly amazing right now, but don’t spit the dummy. Hold on  help is on the way, and you will get some respite. Some will be concentrating on the home area … will you /won’t you … move , purchase or refinance… now is the time to decide 41    1    11     26     23    2 LIBRA Ok, so you have to re-organise a few things, and get a new routine happening… this is not a bad thing.  Organisation is what you need to establish so that you are in control of your own direction. Things tend to change very rapidly, so hang on for the ride 16   23   1   7   45   8 SCORPIO Accept recognition for a job well done, not a time to be shy. Step things up a bit in the career area, and don’t be afraid to try different things.  An offer which looks very shady, works out amazingly well. This is a time to trust gut instinct 17    11   45   8   24    21 SAGGITTARIUS Things are beginning to look up and there is light at the end of one particular tunnel. Try not to jump to conclusions… wait for the facts to be presented.  A family event which must be endured, turns out extremely well 7    25    13   26    5  11 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … PINK LACE AGATE …Promotes kindness and compassion opens the heart to the Angelic Realms pink lace agate   August   30  2013 CAPRICORN This is a still time between the storms of life. Take time to be with the people you love and care for , just enjoy togetherness.  As the week progress opportunities will present themselves, be ready to strut your stuff 16   4   20    31    21  19 AQUARIUS Things may feel a tad flat, but not a big drama. This is a time to recoup and look after you. Deal with health issues and sort relationships.  Try not to allow small things to grow out of proportion.  Nip any drama in the bud right in the beginning 17   45    43    25   14   7 ARIES Don’t take anything for granted at this time…. face value may not be as it appears. Make sure you check all details before making any commitments.  Relationship issues need to take a back seat, giving everyone time to sit back and think things through 11     27    21    30    16    28 PISCES Distant connections are important now and it is time to focus on family and their needs.  Be sure to take some self-time amid all the turmoil.  Trust your instincts where deals and documents are concerned. If uncertain ask the questions until you are happy 7    26    37   19    8   4 TAURUS Time out to review the past weeks is vital now.  Be good to yourself and allow time to recover and get your perspective back. The world is not going to crumble if you are not at the helm now.  Allow time to heal yourself 14    27   19    6   23    35 GEMINI Only you can decide when enough is enough, so at the very least put some ground rules in place. Remember others cannot read your mind.  Things are about to shift up a gear so be prepared, however factor relationship issues into the move forward 11   7    17    43    45    2   CANCER Do not give in to despair at this time, nothing is as bad as you imagine. Take a deep breath and get moving one step at a time.  What you cannot control, you need to let go of… there will be a way.. Only, not your way.  As long as the outcome is good, the method doesn’t matter 6   23   10   32    14   5 LEO Exciting times are in the wind, new decisions and places to see.  Jump in boots and all, you will be fine.  An opportunity for career growth needs to be accepted and worked with.  Romance is on the cards so enjoy 11   43    39    36   7     1 VIRGO Whoops that bit of light at the end of the tunnel, went out. Career areas are on overload, but a solution is close … so hang in a wee bit longer.  Chucking in the towel right now will solve nothing. However make sure your needs are met.  Let it be known the status quo will not continue 27    15    12    24    25   26 LIBRA Now is the time to make every place a winner. Plans for the future simply will not wait any longer… you have to do it NOW.  Ask for help if needed, and accept direction. Take a chance on something new, it will be better than you think 7     12   17    43    15   6 SCORPIO Time, to kick the confidence level up a notch.  You are about to move into a strong career position, and need to be in full swing. The old fake it till you make it… could work big time.  relationship areas are very scattered so tread gently 17    45   12    19    3    20 SAGGITTARIUS Take things gently now, you need to be looking after your own needs. Be sure to choose words wisely, because they will come back and bite you.  Family issues need to approached with caution and honesty. CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … FRESHWATER PEARLS …Promotes reverence for women’s rituals and accentuate aura colours pearls_shape August   23   2013 CAPRICORN Challenges are there to make you step up, so you may as well give it your best shot. This is a time of moving into the next level, but leaving a clear space behind you. You may feel like you are ready to take on the world 7    41    12    3 7    19   2 AQUARIUS While things are on a roll, go with it. Let your imagination take flight and bring a few dreams into reality, why? Because you can. Simple things will bring you the most pleasure now, so don’t sweat the big stuff. Everything will turn out fine 41   16    23    30    14    5 ARIES Sometimes we have to take a step backwards, so we can see where we are headed.  This is a time to put a few things to rest once and for all time.  You need to put your own needs first now , there will be time for other stuff later 11   47    18    25    43    12 PISCES Do a little happy dance, because things are looking up.  This is not a time for compromise, you can have what you want. So go get it.  Friendships could be a tad strained, however you can only show the way, the rest lies on other shoulders 14     7    38     29    45    1 TAURUS Once again an old issue raises its head to be sorted out. Making excuses is not going to cut it, time to deal once and for all.  Ok , it is not easy, but neither is living under this cloud. Finances need to be sorted and a plan stuck to 41    31     24    5    16   7 GEMINI Don’t rock any boats right now, things will work out given time.  An unexpected offer needs to be reviewed and then acted on. Family issues are finally beginning to resolve themselves. So stay calm , and listen before rushing in 9   43    36    17   16   4 CANCER Take it easy, everything is under control. So you can simply enjoy some down time. Because the upcoming season is going to be full on busy. Family are supportive and understanding, if a tad smothering at times…. Enjoy the attention 14    43    33    12   20   17 LEO Old scores need to be either settled or put to rest, over , finished, done and dusted.  To be able to move forward you need to let the past go.  Finances are under discussion, and yes you are doing ok, and can afford a spend 14    11    29    23    6   34 VIRGO Ok, seems there are a few extra demands on your time and resources. Just do the best you can, but don’t allow anyone to walk over you.  Check all accounts twice , there appears to be some discrepancies  which could be avoided 14    26    31    29     26   3 LIBRA You’re on a roll, so don’t let anyone tempt you into slipping backwards.  Changes are huge and beneficial, but only you can follow through. Take advantage of all that is offered and make it work for you 7    3   26   15   42   19 SCORPIO Family and friends could be cause for concern, but in the long run… all you can do is advice and be there. It is important to know when to step back and let someone make their own choices, even if it is a mistake. A small win picks up your spirits 7   43   16    35   19   28 SAGGITTARIUS Not everything is as it appears, do the research, before committing to a course of action. All things are not black and white.  Time for some to stand up and make some decisions, hard , but worth it in the long run 17   38   12   33  20   1 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … WHITE GOLD …Supports the ascension process, alchemically transformational white gold   August   16   2013 CAPRICORN Time to put some things behind you, and, move forward.  Letting the past rule the now, simply is not a viable option.  Take a step on the wild side and open some new doors… heal some rifts… remember you are in the driver’s  seat 1     11    45    7    28     19 AQUARIUS Follow through on all ideas now, there is good things happening. You simply have to be there and grab with both hands. This time is about being strong in yourself and not letting anyone put you down.  Take a chance on yourself 14    37    19    4    6   2 ARIES My goodness things appear to be in a bit of a pickle right now.. First of all, DO NOT STRESS. Take everything step by step. ..And you will see a path through this.  Now is about checking every little detail and following through 14    23    16     34    7  8 PISCES Whoa, you tilted your world?  But in a good way. Right now be prepared to be flexible and ready for whatever gets thrown at you. Be ready to change plans at a moment’s notice and go along for the ride.  Some things and some people simply need to be let follow their own path, 41   43    28     24    12   3 TAURUS You cannot always be in control, or controlled. Now is about setting boundaries and making sure you take care of what is good for you. This time you need to be a tad selfish and put yourself first, last and in the middle. A surprise visit is joyous 7   12    3    43    15    7 GEMINI Let go of that which does not concern you… and also things you have no control over. Now is about taking care of what is important to you, and making sure you put boundaries in place. Enough is enough and now it is time to deal with situations head on 14     8    34     16   23   45   CANCER Time to take care of what you need personally, and, then prepare for the next step of the journey.  Be very sure of what you ask for at this time… you are sure to receive it.  Time to set some plans for the future in motion and enjoy the excitement of planning. This time of preparation is vital 11    27    12    15    36    12 LEO Excitement is in the air, changes everywhere. Get ready to open new doors, and meet new people. Take advantage of an offer to advance in a career direction, it may not come around again in a hurry. Try not to get caught up  in someone else’s  opinion 1    23    6   15     4        45 VIRGO Time to get tough, and, stand up for yourself. It has gotten to be a bit of a joke now , and really enough is enough. Being nice only goes so far, now it is time to bring out the big guns.  A long awaited change may be in sight, so don’t be hasty in career areas 11    27    41    43    26    17 LIBRA If things are not as you wish, change them. This time is about taking control of what you want, and putting steps in place to make it happen. Take all the information you have available and make it work for you. Not a time to be shy… be loud and proud 17    12     23    30    14    7 SCORPIO Lighten  up a little and enjoy. This is a time to make your mark on your world and it may as well be a good one. Career areas could take on a turn , different than expected… but much more to your liking. Look for the silver lining 27   41    35    16   29    8 SAGGITTARIUS A time to revise what you want and where you want to be. Some things are coming to an end and you simply need to deal with it.  Looking inward may not be on your agenda, however it is your best option right now 7   41    25   18   3 9   16 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … DESERT ROSE …Promotes Spiritual growth and awakening of clairvoyant abilities desert rose August 2  2013 August   9  2013 CAPRICORN Take control of things now and stop putting things off. There is no sense avoiding what needs to be done. It is not going away anytime soon. Accept a gesture in good faith, you are aware of the situation so there is nothing to lose 7    14     4    17     5    12 AQUARIUS The world seems to be smiling in your direction right now, so take advantage of what is on offer. This is no time to be shy, ask for what you want.  Travel plans could be slightly delayed, but a better deal is in the offering. Romance could handle a boost 17   42    23    10    27    45 ARIES Time to stop playing games and get down to business. Things are not going to get themselves sorted, you have to be pro-active. Not everything is to your liking, but you can re-arrange things in the future. A romantic overture may hold more than it first appears 6    14    35    27    19   8 PISCES Take care of business right now, everything else can sit a while. Do not allow anyone to sideline you. What is right is right and that is all there is to it.  Stand up and make others see you will not be taken advantage of.  A win is on the way, so party coming up 15    41     23    37    4   15 TAURUS Time to get all the loose ends tied up , and be ready to take on more responsibility.  Things have a way of catching up , and you simply have to deal with that. Do not procrastinate, just get on with sorting issues. 11    6    27    12    43    39 GEMINI Details are important, so take care to cover all angles. This is not a time to bury your head in the sand, or wait for things to come to you.  If you want something go out there and make it happen, why, because you can 16    41    23    30    25    14   CANCER Chill time is good, so enjoy the peace while you can. For some career paths open in new directions while others look for a new place of abode.  Family are supportive but sometimes can become a bit overwhelming. Accept what is offered, but row your own boat 7    11     29    38    18   45 LEO Time to speak up, and, get things out in the open. If you’re not happy, say something. People cannot read your mind. And sometimes talking things through, will set things back on track.  Try not to allow someone else to make choices for you 19    16    25    34    10    36 VIRGO Suck it up and get on with things, no sense wasting energy on things you cannot change. It is what it is and that is all there is to it.  Be prepared to make or receive an offer which will have a large impact on the future. Think things through before reacting 11     23     16    7   45      21 LIBRA Time to get down to business, get the decks cleared. Then you can go forward in  a clear open direction. There could be some shock events at this time, however you can turn things around and move on.  Remember nothing is as it seems, everything can change 14   7    38   19   5    35 SCORPIO My goodness  everything comes at the same time and you need to make choices.  Time to make some choices, and move forward.  A deal is better than it first appears, so take things slowly.  Reach out and have some fun 41    8    25    18    1    13 SAGGITTARIUS Take control of your life, and how you want to live it right now. This is not the time to allow others to take control.  Stand up and say NO in one situation, you will feel so much better. If it feels like enough is enough …it probably is CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … GOLD CALCITE …Illuminates timeless wisdom, holiness and enlightenment Golden Calcite     CAPRICORN An unexpected gift lights up your perception of someone’s actions. Be open to new directions and ways of doing things.  Getting back into the swing of things gives you a sense of achievement, enjoy the trip 11      27    41    8    43    21 AQUARIUS Do you or don’t you ? well that is the dilemma right now.  Not a time to be jumping in boots and all. More a time to, sit back and review situations. Take note of past outcomes and there lies your direction. Not a time to repeat mistakes 11   45   18   26   9   7 ARIES Huge changes are in the wind.. you may find yourself spoiled for choice. Sift through all offers with care.. not everything is how it appears… so shop with care.  An emotional overload needs to be attended to once and for all…. No more hiding 17   11    20    36    29  5 PISCES A doorway of opportunity is opening… be ready to move forward. Unexpected news may appear as a delay … do not react ..it is in fact a blessing in disguise.  Time to put your best foot forward and let the world know what you want and where you are heading 16    9    45   16    37   8 TAURUS Well who rained on your parade?, it is time to get up and get things moving. Only you can make final choices as to how and where you wish to live your life.  Whether you are ready or not things are in for change.  So just deal with each as it comes your way 16    21    27   4    35    1 GEMINI Take advantage of all offers of assistance, being stubborn, will only hold you up.  Trust others to guide and direct some areas. You will find sharing and caring are mutual , so open your heart and hands and simply accept 7     12      10    3   26  11   CANCER Things are moving along at the speed of light. So be organised so you can keep pace with everything that is happening.  Even if some things appear too good to be true, go for it.  Arrangements may change at a moment’s notice.. Just go with the flow 41     25     37     26   15   4 LEO This may be a time of confusion and uncertainty , but hang in it is soon passing.  Make sure you have all documents in order, as you will need to be ready to roll. Love is a bit unsettled, but nothing to stress about… just put some time into the relationship areas 14    16     24    45   1    7 VIRGO Things could be feeling a bit flat right now, simply go with the flow. What you cannot change, walk away from.  Time to get tough in one situation… enough is enough and this has been dragged out long enough. Standing your ground has unexpected results 17    43    31     23    30   6 LIBRA At this time you must put your own interests first, however this does not mean walking over the feelings and rights of others.  It will be a fine line at times between peace and mutiny.  Be still and things will work out in  a  satisfactory manner 4     16     24    14   7     11 SCORPIO Time to access where you are at, and where you are going. Not always an easy option, but some things can no longer be avoided. Let go of expectations and allow things to take their course. Be open to suggestions and ideas, no matter how way out 14    26    35    41    7   5 SAGGITTARIUS Understanding is the way of this time, but not allowing anyone to take advantage of you.  You can offer advice but not carry someone else’s load.  Some will make huge changes in the home and work areas, it is about time 41      7     45    26    34   1 CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK  … TREE AGATE, Renews the enjoyment of pleasure, reconnects the soul to Nature tree agate     July 19   2013 CAPRICORN You are the sunshine in someone’s life, accept that. This is a time to be proud of who you are and what you have achieved.  Then to step up to the next level… because you can.  Friendships are extremely important now 7    17   43    16    15    24 AQUARIUS Take time to re-access what is important in your life, and make a plan to get it happening. Nothing will change until you take control.  Getting caught up in past drama will only prolong the drama, and unsettle your life 11    16    23   4    39   43 ARIES Go for the wow factor in all things, because you can. This is your time to impress and make people sit up and notice you.  Not a time to be shy or hide your talents.  Family matters may take more time than you anticipate, but go slowly 14     25     43    16   29    7 PISCES Throw expectations out the window, and go with the flow now. Everything takes its own time and finds the level needed. You are in a unique place to oversee matters and work for  you

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